Adult Dating Life

Sigh, what does a girl do? If you have been following this sex dating story you’ll know that I am super super horny at Adult Dating. Jon has been playing with me for days but has been orgasm denying and not letting me cum. I rallied and used some female guile to entice him to fuck me hard. I climbed onto a chair and displayed my pussy and anus to trigger a shock and awe response! Did it work in Adult Dating?
Well kinda! Jon puts my collar and dog lead on me and gets out his whip! But he still wants to humiliate and punish me a little more before he whips me! I am not going to get fucked without a whipping. I deserve it, because I’m a Adult Dating. So, out come the anthead nipple clamps. He ties my hands behind my back. When my nipples are pinched they hurt like HELL! Those anthead clamps are deadly.
He’s a mean mean Master. He ignores my crys and moans! He calls me names that I won’t repeat here.
Then miraculously, the pain disappears from my nipples and is replaced with a warm warm glow that moves down my whole body.
Now I WANT him to be mean and do bad things to my body.
What is he going to do next at Adult Dating?

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