Adult Sex Dating: Public Submission

If you have been following this series of Adult Sex Dating you’ll know that I have made Slave Manda orgasm a few times. She is multi-orgasmic and making her cum a few times drives her into a frenzy – because all she wants is to orgasm MORE. I begin to punish at Adult Sex Dating her with my crop – before letting her cum again. I make her get on all fours so that I can whip her bottom, back and breasts with my crop.
She is such an obedient Adult Sex Dating slave. She gets into position and let’s out the slightest whimper when I start whipping her. She is in FULL VIEW of the window so it is a very public Adult Sex Dating submission. Who knows what those guys over the road are doing as they watch us.
I have to tell you that by this time Jon, who has been watching us and taking adult sex dating pics, is rampant horny.
Slave Manda and I are equally excited and wound up as we both keep looking at his rock hard cock…
We both love girl-on-girl but sometimes it’s hard when cock gets in the way!
Jon knows the signs.
He resumes being Master of adult sex dating for BOTH of us and orders us to …
Stay tuned to find out what he does!

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