How did you find Adult Sex Dating?

Reading people’s comments always seems to bring out questions about sexuality and in one of my recent posts I did mention that I thought Adult Sex Dating was a secret for most of us, but, thinking about it more, I’ve had men tell me they heard about Adult Sex Dating from a friend.

I think that there are probably strong male female differences in how we all came to Adult Sex Dating. I got here quite by accident, as far as how you might describe an accident. I was looking for specific reading material when I came upon my first sex site, and well, that kind of opened a door in a way that I never imagined. Anyone who’s read some of my earlier blogs might have had a good laugh at my story about my “horror” at actually getting an email… And my goodness, where did it lead… The slippery slope of adult sex dating sites
Back to my question, how is it that you happened onto Adult Sex Dating?

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