The workings of Adult Sex Dating – What I learned

Today, and every second Wednesday, Adult Sex Dating updates its computer program. The next update after today will be Aug 31st. If you notice new bugs tomorrow, well, the soonest you will see a fix will be Aug 31st if people send emails to customer service.

Bugs are fixed daily, but they only show up every second week. Once in a while, a more problematic bug, like that one that only allowed members of Adult Sex Dating to add one comment to their adult dating posts, shows up, and it is fixed much faster. That one was about 5 days, and it only took that long because members of Adult Sex Dating were away over the weekend.

The spacing and link problems on the profile pages should be fixed today. Additionally, the change to the blog command that started inserting the title instead of the name has been reversed, but you can add the word “title” and get the title without typing it out, I hope. I think Goddess has covered this in her blogging adult personals posts, links below.

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