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Sex and marriage

Ok, looking back at that post on who doesn’t like getting or giving oral and noticing the comments about wives, I am curious about changes to sex after marriage.

How many got blowjobs before marriage, but not after?

How many found the sexual window of activities shrunk after marriage?

How many find they’ve explored and opened up further with marriage?

How many knew there was a problem with sex before marriage but got married anyway? Did it get better, worse, or is about the same?

What was I thinking?

I’m very interested in this scientific, double blind cum tasting study, but what was I thinking? What about pussy tasting?

I think there are many variables that need to be tested, and sweets are only one of them.

But to be sure it isn’t a specific type of sweet, like say chocolate, I think a variety of sweets should be tested.

And then there is fruit. There should be a mixed fruit test, and then each fruit should be testing alone, so maybe start with cherries for two days. Make sure the test is well done, eating cherries for two days is a lot of prep and it would be a shame to have to start over. Then say, strawberries for two day, then grapes, then banana, then apples, etc.

I’m sure research testing how different fruits make pussy taste could go on into September. Then, we can move onto the vegetables.

Sex and pain?

“Do you like it when I squeeze your breast this way,” he asked, and it hurt, but he’d been driving me so crazy, I had no controls and it hurt but it also sent desire screaming through my body.
“Pain at the right time feels good,” his sexy voice whispered in my ear as he squeezed again, “there is a fine line between pain and pleasure,” and once more, desire went screaming through my body, and I buried his lips with my mouth, tasted his mouth passionately, and bucked up to meet his hips as he pounded his cock in me.
How long did were we at it that evening and night, we did stop for about an hour for dinner, and we did get some sleep, maybe 5 hours. At the time, that was the wildest night of my adult dating life.
But pain, I had to think about the pain. I responded to pain, passionately, deeply, completely wild and like a total bitch in heat with no boundaries. Now that the part of the brain with IQ was working, was that what I wanted?

He squeezed hard and it hurt. I asked myself again, did I want that? I can’t believe I responded to that the way that I did.

The intellect won, accepting pain wasn’t somewhere I wanted to go, and that was my only personals experience where pain was intentional. But, I did respond to it, so I can see how some can find some pain very sexually exciting, and there can be a fine line between pain and pleasure, as he pointed out to me.
It seemed to me, accepting pain into your sex life might lead to pain outside of your sex life, and it just wasn’t what I wanted in my life, so that was that.
I found my limit, what kind of limits do others have?

The Night Club

It was a time when men and women dress up to go out, men in their casual dress pants, hot silk shirts, women showing their figures and maybe some skin.
I went with a friend and we wanted to dance. He was so handsome, in his sailor whites, oh and so polite.
He danced most of the night with me, his southern accent chilling my spine. His voice, gentle politeness, sweet conversation, and the feel of his body when we slow danced. “They” had always made “picking” up someone in a bar or night club sound so crude, so low class, but what was happening here was magical. Who are “they?” Adult Dating;

How to get a man

Come on! Since it is just you and us we can admit that we have all been there. Everyone, no matter how beautiful, witty or cute has at some point been dumped. He might have said he was going to call you next week but we all know you have been given the big E, the heave-ho, the ditcheroo. It is not pleasant but rise above it. Think Barack Obama’s inaugural address. To borrow from the US Presidential speech, you have just got to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again! Here is why and how.

1. The way to get over someone is to find someone.
Should you wait a decent interval to ‘grieve’ before venturing out on the dating scene? This is the really big question to which some people would answer yes, of course. Sarah and I say, NO. Don’t tell me that if some gorgeous Cristiano Ronaldo/George Clooney lookalike – or maybe even the real McCoy – rang you up tomorrow to ask you out that you would reply ‘I’d love to but (pause to sniff) I am still getting over Wayne’. Go girl, go. Or ring us – we’ll give you a pep talk. Adult Dating;

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