Sex on the first date

That’s just dumb. You know how you don’t get conned on the first date? Don’t give it up! Keep your damn clothes on! I’m not saying there’s a magic bullet into a woman’s pants, but with trial and error comes at least a solid attack plan for fucking women. If you don’t want to get duped you have to outlast the casual miscreant looking for an easy score.
So no sex on the first date. The second critical error I mentioned earlier? The woman thought her approach warranted the title ‘dating.’
You can’t be serious, can you? Dating? If you define dating as going out once to have sex, you’ve been misinformed. Dating is a time-involved, multi-appearance ritual between two people. It typically involves activities, and at no time is sex a requirement.
If you want to involve sex in dating, that’s fine – but I suggest that you do it with someone farther into your schedule of mutual events. That’s the only surefire way I can think of to avoid getting humped and dumped.
And if your goal on the first date includes sex, you might want to re-evaluate your plans for commitment. Keep the attachment level as low as possible. Or at least go out with the knowledge that it might only happen once, and all that sweet-sounding bullshit you just endured was only to achieve what just happened to you.
Because if your world comes tumbling down after it happens to you, and you read all these words above, you were warned and you were careless anyway.

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