friendships in Adult Sex Dating

seems that some people do not
understand what friendship is about.
Friends come on all levels.
The interactions and connections
between friends decide what kind of dating friends
they are in the long run…
if they turn out to be true friends on Adult Sex Dating.

Friendship is something that develops over time;
it does not happen instantaneously.
You should not expect to walk into someone’s life
and make major changes as a “new” friend.
Trying to control someone or eliminate prior friends
is not an option in an uncommitted relationship….
especially a new friendship.

When I talk about friends, lots of people tend to let
their minds jump to “Sexual Friends”.
My best friends are my friends day in and day out
even if sex is not an option,
never has been or never will be.
Those friends have been in my life dating for
usually a year or more…some up to 33 years.
Obviously the super long-term friends were friends
before we joined Adult Sex Dating.
Friends respect your friendships with other friends.

I recently had someone make a rude comment to me
insinuating that I have sex with friends from Adult Sex Dating
in exchange for something.
Anyone who knows me can confirm
that I am probably one of the
most open and honest women
on Adult Sex Dating….
far too much for some people to handle.

Unlike lots of women on here,
I do not play men for money,
am not looking for a husband
and would have to think along time about
having a real boyfriend.
I do not want anything more than a
sincere friendship to accompany the Adult Sex Dating….
if it goes to that level.

If you can’t understand and accept that,
please do not even email me.
Over time I have learned that true friends in Adult Sex Dating
are rare and hard to find
so I know better than to let someone
that I do not know very well
try to end those friendships at Adult Sex Dating.

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