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Discretion is the better part of valour, but too much is just annoying

I think most of us know the rules of the game here on Adult Sex Dating or any other adult networking sites. I think no one here wants our dear family, friends or colleagues to find out about our alternative lifestyles on Adult Sex Dating. So understandably, being discreet is very important in any Adult FriendFinder relationship. I expect that of all of my partners, and I do the same for them coz’ thus is small world we live in and I certainly don’t want any of my partners bragging about his romps to someone who just turns out to be someone I know. Even more disturbing if when a partner actually suggests me to meet his friends. Err ok. I can just imagine having sex with guys who know each other, after which they’d be sitting around over a bunch of drinks sharing their sexperiences about the same girl, ie. me. Adult Dating;