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ID ‘Sex date’ stated on free adult dating site that only about 40% of women have orgasm from intercourse. I did not realise it was that low.
I wonder what the rate is on Adult Sex Dating.
Guys, does your lady climax from intercourse? How does your lady cum best?
And ladies are you able to climax from intercourse? How do you cum best?
For me, it is definitely intercourse.

Safe Adult Sex Fatigue

Ugh, this is the new buzz word among safe adult sex dating health workers.
Article in the paper today that got my attention says that all rates of sexually transmitted diseases are up and in Canada there have been 16 cases of a new potentially deadly strain of Chlamydia, only one in my province so far.
They think that more people are not playing safe anymore because of a belief that better drugs will cure you. I don’t think they have this one right at all.
I think the internet has made it much easier to say what want sexually, or just that you are interested in being sexual. Just look at my recent blog, “Adult Sex Dating,” and there was no question we both wanted it. With the desire and need I had, well, I doubt either of us would have been afraid to go to that next step.
I think my reasons for not having adult sex back then would have been that unwritten book of “rules” that I’ve referred to in past blogs — if you do it too fast — he won’t respect you, fear of AIDS, and one other reason that is harder to explain.
My blog about the sex dating nightclub is about a wondrous sexual experiences that was a one night stand, and could never be anything more from the first interaction with the guy. It was such a night to remember, but, I was crawling the walls with desire and want within a couple day, and I’m like that.
Good sex completely turns me on to wanting to be a total fuck machine and if it isn’t going to be with the one that has unleashed the desires, then whom, the walls I have crawled up? A string of one night stands? Going without is so much easier to manage then the level of need good sex unleashes. The string of one stands isn’t what I want, and with engaging in a new sexual partner, there is always a lack of trust that he will be there for what adult sex should be, both for that first encounter and for continuing encounters.
In the 80s and 90s think a lot of adult friend weren’t having the adult sex they wanted because of fear of AIDS, and now they are and that is contributing to these increases.
How have your attitudes towards engaging in sex with a new online dating partner changed over this period?

Forget-me-not panties

Oh my goodness, at about $100 a pair, they are now selling survellance panties that monitor location, heart rate and body temperature.
Hmmmm, that raises a question for me, does body temperature go up when you’re feeling aroused and hot? Is on Adult Sex Dating a link to our use of the word “hot” for horny and sexual?
The ad says:
protect her privates
Ever worry about your wife cheating?
Want to know where your daughter is late at night?
Need to know when your girlfriend’s temperature is rising?
Now, they might be good for monitoring sexual arousal on a sex date, and that would be pretty cool, but the rest of it, well, I’d dump his ass if I ever found out about being spied on like that.

The Dorm.

I’m living in co-ed university residence, missing my sexual soul mate with a bittersweet passion. The place he’d send me, where my awareness of my surroundings disappeared and the only priority was sexual pleasure, deep, lustful, completely animal like.
But I know that it is over, it has been almost a year, and it is far past the time to move on. How can you be a person to describe on of the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon as an afternoon in bed, yet deny yourself for so long?
He is about 5 years younger and is he gorgeous. Having a fitness determination that drives you to fill a backpack with telephone books to run up a hill just to Adult Dating;

Sex and pain?

“Do you like it when I squeeze your breast this way,” he asked, and it hurt, but he’d been driving me so crazy, I had no controls and it hurt but it also sent desire screaming through my body.
“Pain at the right time feels good,” his sexy voice whispered in my ear as he squeezed again, “there is a fine line between pain and pleasure,” and once more, desire went screaming through my body, and I buried his lips with my mouth, tasted his mouth passionately, and bucked up to meet his hips as he pounded his cock in me.
How long did were we at it that evening and night, we did stop for about an hour for dinner, and we did get some sleep, maybe 5 hours. At the time, that was the wildest night of my adult dating life.
But pain, I had to think about the pain. I responded to pain, passionately, deeply, completely wild and like a total bitch in heat with no boundaries. Now that the part of the brain with IQ was working, was that what I wanted?

He squeezed hard and it hurt. I asked myself again, did I want that? I can’t believe I responded to that the way that I did.

The intellect won, accepting pain wasn’t somewhere I wanted to go, and that was my only personals experience where pain was intentional. But, I did respond to it, so I can see how some can find some pain very sexually exciting, and there can be a fine line between pain and pleasure, as he pointed out to me.
It seemed to me, accepting pain into your sex life might lead to pain outside of your sex life, and it just wasn’t what I wanted in my life, so that was that.
I found my limit, what kind of limits do others have?

Starvation sex

The way I see it, there are two kinds of starvations adult sex, although both mean you are starving for it.
The two kinds can be broken up into that which you may experience in the bounds of a relationship and then there is that which you experience because you don’t have a partner or you do have a partner but look after your needs with someone other then your partner.
Starting the latter, starvation sex here is the first sexual contact after going far too long without. It is hard to have bad adult sex under these circumstance, indeed, I think adult sex at this time results in some of the best memories you can hold because not only is there the excitement of someone new, your need is so heightened, things you aren’t normally crazy about feel awesome. And, you’re trying to make up for lost adult sex, so marathon sessions of all night adult play aren’t that unusual. My story about the night club in an earlier blog fall into this category.
Then there’s the starvation adult sex experienced because of the ties of a relationship. Either you or your partner isn’t too interested any more. Perhaps hygiene isn’t as good as it used to be, or there has been lots of weight gain, or you tend to have different sexual preferences and they’ve caught up to you, or you just don’t get along and having sex is the last thing you want from each other, or there are a number of reasons, but for whatever reason, sex between you and your partner just isn’t meeting your needs and masturbation is often preferable, or the only option you have.
The starvation sex here is with the partner that you’re experiencing the difficulties with, so either you or your partner has to be starved enough to agree to sex, and when you enter adult sex under these conditions, just how satisfying do you think it is? It practically never results in a marathon sex session, and more often, it is an exercise if finishing quickly. Indeed, if one or both of you weren’t starving bad enough for it, it wouldn’t be happening.
Both are starvation adult sex, yet so different. What do you think?

Anyone not like getting oral in Adult Personals?

Big SexyMama Asked in my
Adult Personals
blog if any guys do not like getting blow jobs.
That’s a good question. So, ladies, have you met many guys that do not want blowjobs????
Any guys on here that really do not care for that???
And what of the women, any not like oral?
And guys, do you find many women who do not care for oral?

Official Research. Adult sex

I remember back in the late 70s, with great seriousness, discussing with girlfriends what we’d heard or knew about giving blow jobs, and with great seriousness, practicing swirling our tongues around ice cream, learning to tie a cherry stem in our mouths with our tongue, and timing this very important tongue exercise feat as well (I could do it in less than a minute).
Anyway, it seems to me, that my generation of women, or at least the ones I was hanging around with, had no issues about giving blow jobs (although who knows about swallowing).
I’ve heard it said that the number one reason a guy pays for adult sex is to have a blow job. I wonder if that is still true, given that I think for sure since my generation, and who knows how far before it, women are far more open to giving blow jobs.
So, this is official research here.
Ladies, do you give blow jobs or not and if you do, do you swallow? If you swallow, did you always swallow, or did it take you a while to open up to it.
Gentlemen, if you have a lady, are you blow job starved by your lady? Or if she does, does she stop at swallowing? Is a woman in adult dating who gives a blow job common, or do lots refuse? And what about the swallowing? Do you notice a difference in acceptance of blow jobs between generations, i.e. younger versus older women in sex dating?
Do you think getting a blow job is still the number one reason a guy pays for adult sex?

Sexual response to pheromones about online sex dating

Adult friend has posted an article at online sex dating about research on the sexual response of heterosexual male and females and gay men to pheromones.
I briefly heard about this on the radio and it was nice to be able to read article about online sex dating. I was thinking about doing a blog on the topic when I heard the story.
I think it would be neat to be involved in an experiment where you were tested to see what your sexual response was to various “smells.” Heck, it would also be neat to see the response to various pictures.


Welcome to my first column on health and lifestyles for ……. A Adult Personals
Sex date is many things, and today we will view adult sex as a sport and cross training, one of the most important parts of a good sex dating life.
There are lots of reasons to cross train for the sport of sex.
It reduces body fat. We are all visually stimulated to some degree and to touch and feel silky skin and the muscle tone below, well, that’s just hot.
It improves blood flow to the penis. What else needs to be said?
It gives you energy in the sack. Slow sex dating can be very nice and is part of a good adult sex life, but truly wild sex, where the sheets are soaking, and bodies are covered in sweat, well, that requires fitness, and it is so worth the effort.
Most importantly, it improves moods, it is the most effective anti-depressant, and looking after self makes you feel good about yourself. How can that not help a sex dating life?
So, what do you do to cross train for your online sex life?
For curves and tone, there needs to be a strength training component, ever check out body changers? The transformations are incredible.
And then there’s the aerobic part, minimum of 20 minutes at a reasonably high intensity, don’t do this if you are overweight, you need to ease into it and check with your doctor first.
Look after you, you’re worth it.
I looked after me today, and went for a run. How did you look after you?

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