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5 Ways to Spot a Fake Dating Profile

Let’s face it – the profiles you see on Adult Sex Dating and Online Personals sites are sometimes a bit less than honest. So, how can you spot the fakes from the genuine? Here are five tips from the experts at on how to weed out the liars…

How many times have you been turned on by a too-good-to-be-true profile on an Internet dating site, Adult Dating;

Meeting you in the shower…

I’m not going to write a lot of details about how I got the maid to let me into your hotel room. This is MY fantasy; I was clever – ok?

So… I made my way into your room, crawled into the bed naked and fell asleep. Some time later, you checked in. You were weary from your travels and headed straight for the shower.

I was awakened when I heard the water running and decided to join you. Your back was against the stream of water, letting it bead on your back to loosen your stiffened neck and back. I slowly made my way in and stood in front of you and softly cupped your balls in my hand. You jumped with a start and grabbed at my hand until you realized it was me standing there naked… with a smile ready to kiss you. Adult Dating;

Just the thought of you… Part 2

There you were sitting in your chair; your back towards me… a perfect opportunity for me to quietly sneak up behind you and kiss at your neck. I leaned over to hug you, letting my hands drape over your chest and brush over your nipples.

Mmm I heard a low hum in your voice as I leaned in closer to you and continued kissing your neck and along your jaw. Your hands raised to mine as you turned your head to bring your lips to mine. As we kissed, you pulled me around to the front of the chair and cradled me onto your lap.

I moved off of the chair to kneel in front of you and began loosening your belt. Your hand rested over the back of my head as you watched me open your fly and pull out your cock. The front of my robe opens and exposed my breasts when I stood to straddle you and slide down on your cock oh so slowly…

Adult Dating;

The Portals of Pleasure: My Pussy

Mmmmm – what can I say?
This has got to be the font of a LOT of pleasure.
The pic her is one that shows inside my pussy – as best it can. Many of the girls and guys I play with LOVE TO LOOK INSIDE my pussy where they can SEE my pussy wetness and other juices.

Jon does his best to oblige when asked to show me off. Here he’s hooked me with his fingers for an inside display. It certainly excited me and all the others there wanted to keep looking …

Pussy fucking – wow I just LOVE it. I am very fit with a lot of stamina and given the opportunity I can fuck all day long!

I think clits are much BIGGER than is usually seen. The “little tip hiding behind petals” type of description is not correct in my view. My clit EXPANDS all around my pussy lips and deep inside. I know, I can feel it when I’m excited. Adult Dating;

Just the thought of you…

… always brings a warm rush over my body. My heart races thinking of being next to your skin and feeling your lips on mine. I fantasize about you kneading my breasts while you suck and lick at them.; Your other hand is in my pussy; a finger or two inside, finger fucking me while you slide your thumb over my clit. I’m very wet and you can’t wait to taste me… You raise your fingers to my lips, rimming them with my juices; your face just an inch from mine – the pheromones are pungent… you lick my lips as we kiss again.
Your cock is pressing against me dripping warm pre-cum. I push my wet pussy into your thigh and begin humping. You’re kissing my neck; one hand on my ass pulling me into you while I grind against you; the other hand squeezing my breast and pinching my nipple.

You lick and nibble your way down my breasts and stomach until you reach my pussy. You finger fuck me while you suck and lick me; your hands under my ass holding me against your face. I’m gently riding your face while you slurp at my juices. I cum quickly and hard, digging my fingers into your hair as I thrust myself into your lips. Adult Dating;

Phone Sex

After being together with the same (abusive) man for 23 years, I hadn’t put much thought into being with another man. But… I was extremely lonely and lost so posted a personals ad out there and was overwhelmed with responses.

There were several that I answered but one in particular caught my attention. It was from a guy who said he was in a similar position and thought that maybe we could help each other out. He was just ending a 7 year relationship with a Russian woman ”who could turn the head of a blind man.” Hmm okay – I couldn’t compete with that but… whatever.

We emailed a bit, IM’d, cybered and eventually moved on to phone sex. This was all very new to me; all of it, but the phone sex was very scary, for some reason. Not because I was afraid of this guy or that he’d find me. No – it was because I had never even thought about what I wanted sexually, let alone said it out loud. Where had I been living all this time – in a cave? Adult Dating;

good boyfriends

I’ve noticed that some gay men just don’t know how to be “good boyfriends.” Perhaps they should attend Boyfriend University (Boyfriend U for short) and complete the required curriculum to be Certified Boyfriend Material. The required courses are:

1. Refuting stereotypes. All gay men are not good decorators; we do not all have the queen gene. All of us are not perfect housekeepers, great cooks and good neighbors. We’re not all well-dressed or well-paid, campy or queeny. Even though we are men, we aren’t all promiscuous. Adult Dating;

Fuck Buddies… Online dating

When I was just getting out of my 1st marriage, I immediately jumped into online dating. It was really the only way I knew how to get myself out to meet new people, as most of my friends were happily married and too busy to just hang out. For anyone who’s been through this experience (I’m kind of thinking many here have), lining up dates through personals ads fit the bill.

Admittedly, I’d had several one-night stands; usually more fun anticipating than the days that followed. Although I wasn’t ready for a long-term relationship, I was looking for a special friend I could feel comfortable with more than once, but without feeling suffocated or committed.

And so there was Paul. He was reticent at first to meet me, since I was just recently separated but eventually, he got past that and asked me out. Adult Dating;

How to get a man

Come on! Since it is just you and us we can admit that we have all been there. Everyone, no matter how beautiful, witty or cute has at some point been dumped. He might have said he was going to call you next week but we all know you have been given the big E, the heave-ho, the ditcheroo. It is not pleasant but rise above it. Think Barack Obama’s inaugural address. To borrow from the US Presidential speech, you have just got to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again! Here is why and how.

1. The way to get over someone is to find someone.
Should you wait a decent interval to ‘grieve’ before venturing out on the dating scene? This is the really big question to which some people would answer yes, of course. Sarah and I say, NO. Don’t tell me that if some gorgeous Cristiano Ronaldo/George Clooney lookalike – or maybe even the real McCoy – rang you up tomorrow to ask you out that you would reply ‘I’d love to but (pause to sniff) I am still getting over Wayne’. Go girl, go. Or ring us – we’ll give you a pep talk. Adult Dating;