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My Reasons for only dating Black Men

I know I really have no reason to explain my reasons, but it seems lately a few people are wanting to know why. Why have I rejected white men to only date black men, well first off look at the pic above is that not sexy? Ok so I am prolonging this, so let’s get down to brass tacks shall we.
I am the survivor of sexual abuse from a family member. It started when I was five, I had no idea what this man was doing I just knew he was my elder. I was raised that if an elder tells you something you do it, no questions asked. Not only that I had no idea what he was doing was wrong. This lasted until I was ten, when I got old enough to know what he was doing he would tell me that my family would never believe me anyway. I believed him.
He was right on one thing, the family didn’t believe me. I was called a liar, and a troublemaker when I finally came forward. It was all swept under a rug and never talked about again. Unfortunately, it left lasting scars ones that no one can see. I can’t hug a white man without sweating,I can’t kiss a white man without wanting to run, worst yet there is no way in hell I can try to have sex with one. I tried once, just to appease my family and I ended up yaking all over him and a weepy mess.
So there you have it, why I reject white men. Can I get help for it, I already did still didn’t work. Any other questions, feel free to ask now that this is out in the open.