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Doesn’t want to be first!

She was invited for dinner few times but seems she not keen to meet him.
She makes up and dress good. She doesn’t like the mall here. She feels herself not belong to this world. Those people in here are so classy looking. So many good looking men around. She feels excited to see them walking by.
They are having dinner and chating. Through chating she knows h never dating before. What in her mind now? Wow mean he wants her to be his first? Haha No way. He is too conservative man. How come the dinasour still alive in this world? When they are chating, her eyes keeps looking around and someone really catch her attention. The couple next to them. He is so stunning looking. Wearing a nice shirt with jeans. So body fit. His gf so pretty and sexy. She feels that he knows she keep peeping him. Yah, she feels herself in her world. Want to unzip his pants and unbutton his shirt. Want to knees under table and give him nice bj without attention from his gf.
Girl. Will u girl like date virgin man? or the hot man like him?

Being a Jock

I think I get frustrated and sometimes go completely off. I’m tired!!!!! I can subject myself to meeting people in real life, go on dates, go celibate and tell you the truth…… I’ve had better luck meeting platonic friends on here than in real life. I’d hate for a guy to think because I’m on a date with him that it gives him a license to feel on my lady lumps or worse think he can take my cookies or talk to me in a way that I haven’t presented myself nor would like to be to or with him. If I want to have sex with a person….I know within five minutes…..but as I see that a guy may not be mentally stimulating and I feel no vibes that seal the deal on making me forward to close the deal then I know that we’re not a match. I’ve learned to let my heart, mind and genitals all be on the same page before proceeding with anything sexual. Initially, if someone looks good….you want to have sex but if you listen to them talk, watch their mannerisms, and feel them out then more times than not….you’ll change your mind.

The most powerful blowjob

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. The things people do for sexual pleasure. Gawd, some men have been known to try putting their penis in a vaccuum cleaner for the power suction job, and been degloved.
If this kind of idea should possess you, read the last public service announcement and take heed of the the warning, never play alone, it can be dangerous to your health. You need to play with a friend.

Who has the higher sex drive

Lots of thoughtful comments on my more recent posts, and they have got me thinking.

mzhunyhole said that men have a higher sex drive, and I think that is a wide spread belief, but I do wonder if it is sex drive or perhaps that women just put more brakes on sexual activity?

It has me thinking, what is the difference between sex drive and how horny you get in the moment? I think men get very horny in the moment, they have been known to promise the world. This is where I think woman put on the brakes, the drive is there, but there can be a list of other needs before a woman lets go.

These things happen in both sexes, but I think there are those differences in how much they happen between the sexes.

How do you measure your adult sex drive?

I was thinking about how each of us as individuals measures our sex drive compared to others. I think on this site most of us consider ourselves to have a higher then average dating sex drive.

I was thinking about all the things that makes me think I have a higher then average sex drive. When I consider what I’m about to say, it seems very obvious to feel this way, I have a higher then average sex drive, but I never considered that my feelings were a result of a higher sex drive, but perhaps felt that because others express themselves a certain way, I should agree.

One of the things is often talking to women dating friends they have complained that when they see their boyfriend, he always wants sex and never wants to see them for the sake of seeing them. Explore this further and you find they are seeing their boyfriend 2-3 times per week. Well, SHIT, I’d want adult sex everytime if that’s only how often you see each other!!!! But, the way it is expressed is that the guy isn’t really treating you with respect, only as a adult sex object, if they want sex everytime they see you…

I don’t think I’ve ever complained that a guy only wants to see me for adult sex, I’ve always wanted the sex as well, so, there is a measure that I have a higher adult sex drive then many of my dating girlfriends…

What kind of measures do you use as to where you think your sex drive is compared to others?

Adult Sex and Happiness

I was thinking about adult sex and happiness today. People all the time say certain things don’t make you happy, happiness comes from with in, blab, blab, blab…
But I was thinking about adult sex and happiness and adult sex makes me very happy. There’s nothing like a marathon session of adult sex that puts a smile on your face and gives you an inner glow and just plain old good feelings inside.

What can be more within? Good adult sex makes me happy, very happy, and I’m really not happy without adult sex, so I’d even go as far to say lack of sex makes me unhappy, kind of dead inside, and lacking joy, and passion for other things. I think good sex makes more passionate for other things.

What about you, are happy even if you feel like you’re in a sexual void? Or perhaps it could be described as happy as you can be. I mean, if you describe yourself as happy and your adult sex dating life is crap, do you think you’d be happier if your adult sex life was better?

Starvation sex

The way I see it, there are two kinds of starvations adult sex, although both mean you are starving for it.
The two kinds can be broken up into that which you may experience in the bounds of a relationship and then there is that which you experience because you don’t have a partner or you do have a partner but look after your needs with someone other then your partner.
Starting the latter, starvation sex here is the first sexual contact after going far too long without. It is hard to have bad adult sex under these circumstance, indeed, I think adult sex at this time results in some of the best memories you can hold because not only is there the excitement of someone new, your need is so heightened, things you aren’t normally crazy about feel awesome. And, you’re trying to make up for lost adult sex, so marathon sessions of all night adult play aren’t that unusual. My story about the night club in an earlier blog fall into this category.
Then there’s the starvation adult sex experienced because of the ties of a relationship. Either you or your partner isn’t too interested any more. Perhaps hygiene isn’t as good as it used to be, or there has been lots of weight gain, or you tend to have different sexual preferences and they’ve caught up to you, or you just don’t get along and having sex is the last thing you want from each other, or there are a number of reasons, but for whatever reason, sex between you and your partner just isn’t meeting your needs and masturbation is often preferable, or the only option you have.
The starvation sex here is with the partner that you’re experiencing the difficulties with, so either you or your partner has to be starved enough to agree to sex, and when you enter adult sex under these conditions, just how satisfying do you think it is? It practically never results in a marathon sex session, and more often, it is an exercise if finishing quickly. Indeed, if one or both of you weren’t starving bad enough for it, it wouldn’t be happening.
Both are starvation adult sex, yet so different. What do you think?

Official Research. Adult sex

I remember back in the late 70s, with great seriousness, discussing with girlfriends what we’d heard or knew about giving blow jobs, and with great seriousness, practicing swirling our tongues around ice cream, learning to tie a cherry stem in our mouths with our tongue, and timing this very important tongue exercise feat as well (I could do it in less than a minute).
Anyway, it seems to me, that my generation of women, or at least the ones I was hanging around with, had no issues about giving blow jobs (although who knows about swallowing).
I’ve heard it said that the number one reason a guy pays for adult sex is to have a blow job. I wonder if that is still true, given that I think for sure since my generation, and who knows how far before it, women are far more open to giving blow jobs.
So, this is official research here.
Ladies, do you give blow jobs or not and if you do, do you swallow? If you swallow, did you always swallow, or did it take you a while to open up to it.
Gentlemen, if you have a lady, are you blow job starved by your lady? Or if she does, does she stop at swallowing? Is a woman in adult dating who gives a blow job common, or do lots refuse? And what about the swallowing? Do you notice a difference in acceptance of blow jobs between generations, i.e. younger versus older women in sex dating?
Do you think getting a blow job is still the number one reason a guy pays for adult sex?