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The BDSM Series Continued …

After our rest in LA we are now back in the Bay Area.

I’m still jetlagged and I need to get more sunlight to correct my body clock. Very weak sun here after the harsh intense Australian light.

It’s GREAT to be back really.

I am going to spend some time with family and get in contact with a few friends who are not expecting to see me until later this year.

In continuing the bdsm series – here Jon has tied me to the bed, spread my legs, and has caned my bottom. Often in this position he’ll whip my back and the inside of my thighs and sometimes in between my legs – Ouch!

It’s not a slient process! In between my moans and crying out – he whispers or tells me what a slut I am and that I deserve to be disiplined and what he’s going to do to me.

Verbal humiliation excited me a great deal – not sure why – but it does.

Jon is very very mean to me!

But you know what? I usually DO deserve to be punished. I mean – that’s what happens to Bad Bad Girls!

Actually Jon is only ever REALLY mean when he witholds my orgasms. THAT’S the hardest thing to take.

All the whipping and caning are really only stings in comparison.

We call this play “T O D” – Temporary Orgasm Denial. I think I invented the “T” part of that name! I try hard, with all kinds of tricks, to entice him so that the T is kept VERY temporary!

If you want bdsm pics and stories just ask for more.

BDSM Series: Subspace Play

I told you last bdsm adult sex dating blog that Jon’s whipping and cropping and verbal humilations puts me into a sort of nirvanic subspace.

When he does he’ll continue to do lots of amazing things TO me and make me do all sorts of things.

In this pic he has tied me to a horse. In subspace he can contort me into all sorts of hogtied positions.

Then he’ll proceed to use me in whatever way he chooses.

I love being used.

BDSM Series

I can chat about bdsm all day long and it’s great that there are so many of you responding to the topic.
Our email box is running HOT!
In this pic Jon has restrained me – pulled my arms around and tied me to the wall. In this position I’m left pretty helpless.
He then whips me – mostly my breasts and bum – but can reach a lot of my body with his whip, crop, and cane.
Of course it’s obvious what else he does with me when I tied like this.
He often grabs my hair and forces my mouth to do all sorts of bad bad things. One of his favorites is to grab me with two hands and then just fucks my mouth or makes me deep throat.
He often stops just before he cums and this makes me desperate to get MORE – because I absolutley love cock in my mouth and the taste of his cum …
You can see that I am not unwilling to do any of this. Often when he ties me like this I get so horny that I can’t help opening my mouth – like in this sex dating pic.
It’s an enticment for him to put his cock in my mouth. It works a treat every time …
If you want more bdsm stories and pics – just ask!

Adult Shopping

I have purchased items from the Adam and Eve catalog and I have seen their stores in Florida but have never gone into one. I would be interested in the thoughts of anyone who has.
I have purchased things from the Lover’s Lane catalog and have gone into their stores. I found the stores to be a bit lacking in overall selection but having more clothing items than the catalog.
As a person who has had more than a passing interest in BDSM, I have gotten the JT’s Stockroom catalog and go to their online site almost every day. Sometimes, I have gotten an idea about how to make a bondage item without having to purchase it. Call me cheap and ingenuitive. lol
There are several other sites that I have used in the past.
If you want to purchase an adult item, what would be your choice: mail order catalog, online sex site, actual adult store, or other?

More on Being Made Helpless and Then Fucked …

Well lots of nice email responses on this “helpless” post.
Someone asks: how long do I enjoy being tied up in one position and what do I do after I’m untied.
Well, I really enjoy being tied up – but it hurts if I’m kept in the same position for a long time. Usually 15 minutes in one position is fine – then I like to be tied up in another position.
Often, when I’m being untied to change positions my hands may stretch out a grab a cock or two. When I have a cock in hand the guys are usually reluctant to then tie me up – it seems.
This pic shows what often happens …

BDSM and Kinkiness as Creation

For some time now I have been facinated by the idea of BDSM and kinky sex as “Creation”. Let me explain…

WORDS conjure up ideas. So when we read novels, we picture in our minds conceptions of whatever the author intended. It’s just a picture in our minds – it’s not ALIVE.

And, so it is with movies too. We’re provided with a picture, but again it’s NOT alive. You can say the same for just about all communication – on the phone, speaking, internet surfing, “cybering” and so on.
Now how is BDSM dating and kinky sex different? Well, the wonderful thing is that BDSM play is ideas made manifest – just the opposite of words above. In BDSM play I CREATE. I think, I desire, then we MAKE it happen. Adult Dating;

On Being Submissive: Sublime and Punishment!

I have a spare moment so this is a brief continuation of my series of blogs: On Being Submissive.
On this subject the response and emails are amazing. It seems many guys love submissive females and many women want to be submissive. Of course the reverse is also true.
There has been quite a lot of curiosity about “punishment” and how this works in bdsm play. So – here’s my take on the subject.
In bdsm, punishment is one of those contradictory elements that often arise. For example, when you are “bad” you are rewarded and when you are “good” you are punished. Adult Dating;

Sex Slave Secrets: Why Girls Do It!

In BDSM sessions there are just TWO ways it can play out:
1. Things are DONE to the subbie (by a dom or group), and/or
2. The subbies is MADE TO DO things.
All bdsm play is a variation of these two.
In this blog I’ll just talk about the first. I’ll discuss the second in my next blog.
Why does a girl allow things to be DONE TO her?
Well, it’s simple. When things are being DONE to a girl – she is THE CENTER OF ATTENTION! And what girl doesn’t want to be the center of attention?! Adult Dating;

Sex Slave Secrets: Training Lovers to be …

A few days ago we met a really nice Floridian couple. He was dom and she was subbie.
In the course of the evening (after seeing what Jon and I did) our dom friend asked for help to properly train his subbie.
The method the dom was using on his subbie was based on fear. That is, he used the whip and other threats to MAKE her do things! This is a common mistake made by many dominants when they play with subbies.
Needless to say – she was not all that happy about his methods. Adult Dating;

On Being Submissive: Tied down for Punishment. BDSM Dating

In the last two “tied up” blog posts I am left hanging at a party and I’m tied down for gangbang fucking.
Here I am tied down for punishment. I have been “bad” so Jon is punishing me.
Punishment can take all sorts of forms: caning, orgasm denial, whipping, wax dripping, pain, large insertions or any other SM humiliation.
It’s just amazing to be in this position. I want it to happen and yet I don’t want it to happen! These are the contradictions of being a submissive and masochistic.
Eventually, I am ALWAYS rewarded! So I just keep coming back for more …