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My Adult FriendFinder cherry has been popped

Yep, last weekend I had the opportunity to sit down to dinner with one of my Adult FriendFinder friends. Meeting someone is real life is so different than talking to them online. I had a good feeling about us being just as comfortable interacting in person as we were online and the feeling turned out to be right. She was the sweetheart that I expected and was very gently with me as she popped my meeting someone from Adult FriendFinder cherry. LOL I can’t tell you how nice it was to sit and be able to look into her eyes and see her smile and laugh in person. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to do it again in the near future.

my own Adult FriendFinder ken doll.

My Adult Friend Finder ken doll’s accessories would be some CHICKEN and some rope! ? and hmmmm…a voucher for a lifetime supply of Vaseline..and he would come nude..with a jungle of pubic hair..but you have to buy a special Adult FriendFinder ken doll razor to clean that shit up! The only clothes you could buy for him would be a pimpin’ robe and some bikini underwears and gold chain! Other things you could buy for him would be like a bar filled with vodka and roofies..some pimpin sun glasses..some cock rings and viagra..ho’s sold separately!

There are limits

He died from internal bleeding from having anal sex with a horse. A horse?

Apparently this is legal in about 1/3 of the states. I have no idea about the rest of the world. The state where this guy died, it is legal, so they are looking at seeing if animal cruelty laws could work to prosecute those involved.

This happened at a farm that basically was operating as business to allow sex with animal fantasies. They found hundreds of hours of videos of people having sex with animals.

What can I say, there are limits. Some things are just plain sick.

Sex Personals Blog Pics By Reques

Ok, Here’s Sex Personals blog pic by request:
“i want to see a larger version of the new pic on your Sex Personals profile, seeing you bent over and tied up gets my adrenaline going…”

In this gangbang there were LOTS of guys. I was tied up and bent over and many guys enjoyed whipping and fucking me in this position – whilst the others rested up for seconds and thirds …