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No one bought Playbody for the online sex dating pics, it was the articles!

I’ve been musing over SensuallyKatey’s comment about men being attracted to a online sex dating blog, not for the articles, but the pictures.

I ususally put two and two together and get four, but sometimes I get three or five and four never occurs to me.

Well, I’ve noticed since I started this online sex dating blogging thing that number of people who actually say anything is quite low compared to the number of views, probably one of the lower comment to view ratios. The “three” I got was “they just figure with the number of views, their contribution would not be noticed.” The “five” I got was, well, it wasn’t four.

I attract lookers. That ratio is low because I attract lookers. How could anybody not figure out that two and two is four?

So, you wanna look???

But I do have a question, and if the online sex dating reviewers would quit messing this linked online sex dating blog up, the question and the style to which I have presented it would finally make sense.

Sexual response to pheromones about online sex dating

Adult friend has posted an article at online sex dating about research on the sexual response of heterosexual male and females and gay men to pheromones.
I briefly heard about this on the radio and it was nice to be able to read article about online sex dating. I was thinking about doing a blog on the topic when I heard the story.
I think it would be neat to be involved in an experiment where you were tested to see what your sexual response was to various “smells.” Heck, it would also be neat to see the response to various pictures.