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Like a rottweiler with a bone

His mouth clings to my clit like a rottweiler with a bone. He use uses his whole mouth and hands to work his magic, driving my body to spasms, and yet he clings to my clit like a rottweiler with bone.

My body spasms, my hips move back and forth, pushing into his head, pulling away and pushing back in, and yet he clings to my clit like a rottweiler with bone.

My stong legs buck my hips high into the air, pushing him and all of his weight into the air, but like a rottweiler with a bone, his mouth does not release my clit, as I buck with spasms over and over, and he clings hard to my clit, like a rottweiler being threatened to have his bone stolen.

His mouth does not tire, his jaw is strong, my body tosses and turns under him, but his mouth is locked on my clit, like a rottweiler with a bone.

He is as territorial over my clit as a rottweiler with a bone. My clit is his.


It is a wonderful place.

Lost, I am lost in his power, his power to strip stresses.

I am lost in his power to make me squirm, wiggle, buck my hips.

I am lost in his power to control my breathing, make it go fast, panting for air, slow it down.

How did his power to take away time, where did it go? Was time passing, I could not tell. I was so lost.

I am lost in this wonderful place where only giving and getting pleasure exists. It is the perfect place to get lost to.

I want to stay lost…Lost

Sexual assult by HIV

There’s a trial happening in BC that IMHO is worth following. This animal, that was mistaken for human, knew he had HIV and when asked, told the women he was with that he’d been tested and that he was clean.
When the women came down with HIV, he told whined at them about what they were complaining about as it is so treatable today, it is like having a flu. The one woman had been celebite for 5 years prior to her relationship with him, and he was married.
He is charged with sexual assult because the sex wasn’t consentual because of his lie.
actually was talking to someone who once said that if they ever got HIV, they planned to take as many as they could with them.
Clearly, asking the right questions isn’t enough.
I find this story quite shocking. I was wondering how wide spread it is in terms of making the news because I think this is a really important news story.

Play safe.

Sex nasal spray

So, there’s a nasal spray aphrodisiac for woman that’s about to hit the market, some drug called PT-141.

Apparently it is a synthetic version of a sex hormone.

Well, it looks like some real help for women who’ve lost their sex drive in on the way.

I also looks like a new opportunity for the type of sexual predator who would use a date rape drug.

Adult Dating. Dogging.

Ok, so here I am, over a year exploring a adult sex site, and I’m still being surprised.
Dogging is a new term for me, and for those also uninformed, it means performing adult sex acts for voyeurs in public or semi-public places.
There are laces that are well know to people who like to watch and like to perform. This brings up the question of legality, and that varies. Imagine, in Germany you can have adult sex in dating as long as you don’t hit anything. And of course, there are those against it, so to try and stop its popularity, some cities have installed bright lights (the better to see and make videos I would think.) I guess they missed the point that these people like to be watched. Of course, doggers do have etiquette and rules, like not in front of children, and don’t block the view of others, especially if they were there first, and don’t join in unless invited. So, anyone into dogging?

If it fits in the hole…

I’ve read about women putting certain foreign objects in their pussy, heck, I do that all the time, I mean, why place with just one vibrator when you can play with two, or three…

I’m designed for insertion, but what of men? I really haven’t heard from men interested in putting something in their uretha, and other then flicking the tip of my tongue around the top, I’ve never tried to insert anything there, not a finger, nothing, and no man has ever asked.

Well, horror of horrors, I’m reading about this guy who was using plastic tubes as a sex toy to insert into his penis until he discovered that the chrome casting of a pressure gauge was his “perfect” sex toy, until he lost it in his bladder, where it stayed for 7 years, until it migrated to his scrotum, where it caused a gangrene infection and everything had to be cut off. Well, they saved one testicle and put it in his thigh…

So, just curious, have you tried putting anything in there???

Adult Sex Dating Routine

Hands up if your Adult Sex Dating life is routine.
I think the biggest complaint about why people aren’t happy with their Adult Sex Dating life behind just not getting enough or their partner not interested is that one’s adult sex life is routine.
How does a sex life become routine?
How do you break-free of a routine Adult Sex Dating life, or prevent it?
It seems to me that established patterns are hard to break.
Anyone out there have a story about overcoming a routine sex life with their Adult Sex Dating partner?

The most powerful blowjob

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. The things people do for sexual pleasure. Gawd, some men have been known to try putting their penis in a vaccuum cleaner for the power suction job, and been degloved.
If this kind of idea should possess you, read the last public service announcement and take heed of the the warning, never play alone, it can be dangerous to your health. You need to play with a friend.

And so it begins

We’d been working together for month and we had a special weekend planned. He had such beautiful blue eyes, a dazzling smile and warm sense of humor. He looked quite husky in his clothes, almost overweight.
Ok, it wasn’t really beginning, we’d gone out the weekend before, dancing, talking, having a wonderful time until the sex. So a minute just doesn’t do, and he had only brought one condom. “I usually last much longer,” he lamented…
“Let me make it up to you,” he said. “Let me take you over night to Niagara Falls.”
So there we were, having a romantic dinner, enjoying each other’s company, and for me at least, truly wondering what the rest of the evening would bring.
We headed to our room by 9, and he began to play with me. And oh, how he played with me, getting me so hot, I was begging him to enter me. He was prepared this time, a box of 12 condoms. I took the condom from him, stoking him, teasing his cock against my breast, across my body before I playfully wrapped his hard, firm cock for the moment of truth… Adult Dating;

Inverse adult dating relationship?

In an ideal world, when you engage in sex you would always have two people really hot for each other and plenty of time, and a desire to drive each other crazy, but, the world isn’t ideal.

So, sometimes you just need it and time will only allow a bit of scratch, and sometimes only one of you is in the mood, and sometimes…

So, your adult dating partner is really horny, and you just aren’t. Sometimes you say no, and sometimes you feel like you should, so you do even though you really aren’t into it.

Other times you are so horny and have so much need, and your adult dating partner is finished far before you are.
Now this may be my imagination, but I think that a man can last longer if a woman is less into it — counting the spots on the ceiling — then if she is in heat for it — please don’t stop, yes, yes, deeper, hard, yes, moan, groan, yes, give me more, give me more…

I think high passion, desire and lust can set a man off much quicker, when her need is highest and it is an unfortunate inverse adult dating relationship.

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