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How does a guy find a date when his best friend is female and needs his help?

I am presently helping my best friend through a rough time. Helping her involves seeing her six days a week for an hour or so. I have been friends with her for 20 years and we are just friends. She is not interested in me that way. I respect her honesty and enjoy spending time with her.
She has been pushing me to put myself out there more, and can’t understand why I can’t find someone to date. I don’t want to bail out on her. I have told her that most of the women I have chatted with are reluctant because of my friendship with her. I am about ready to give up until she is back on her feet, but fear that putting her needs ahead of my own will eventually end a long friendship.
Just don’t know what to do. Any thoughts?

Sex on the first date

That’s just dumb. You know how you don’t get conned on the first date? Don’t give it up! Keep your damn clothes on! I’m not saying there’s a magic bullet into a woman’s pants, but with trial and error comes at least a solid attack plan for fucking women. If you don’t want to get duped you have to outlast the casual miscreant looking for an easy score.
So no sex on the first date. The second critical error I mentioned earlier? The woman thought her approach warranted the title ‘dating.’
You can’t be serious, can you? Dating? If you define dating as going out once to have sex, you’ve been misinformed. Dating is a time-involved, multi-appearance ritual between two people. It typically involves activities, and at no time is sex a requirement.
If you want to involve sex in dating, that’s fine – but I suggest that you do it with someone farther into your schedule of mutual events. That’s the only surefire way I can think of to avoid getting humped and dumped.
And if your goal on the first date includes sex, you might want to re-evaluate your plans for commitment. Keep the attachment level as low as possible. Or at least go out with the knowledge that it might only happen once, and all that sweet-sounding bullshit you just endured was only to achieve what just happened to you.
Because if your world comes tumbling down after it happens to you, and you read all these words above, you were warned and you were careless anyway.

Resolution Time

First, I’ve never thought to put sexual goals on my resolution list. What was I thinking, or not thinking.
So, where do I start, well, I should start by ensuring I live by the law of blogville, if you are new to blogville and didn’t know about the law, you can learn more about it here Bill 69 and here Sunday Fornication Act.
I’d like to study and put serious practice into a new religion, sexianity.
Well, can’t forget the usual stuff, eat right, exercise, yadda, yadda…
Am I unusual in never having made a sexual resolution for New Years Eve before in my life? I mean, sex is on the top five list of important things, it should be on the resolution list, right?

The internet is for porn

For an amusing little video, do a google search on the above title, works best if you use the video google site, with a period between the two words.
There are a couple versions of this video, the warcraft movies version is best.
The words evilhoof and flayed help with this search.
Have a good laugh. I’m curious about how many will actually have a look. I do think it is worthwhile.

Sex nasal spray

So, there’s a nasal spray aphrodisiac for woman that’s about to hit the market, some drug called PT-141.

Apparently it is a synthetic version of a sex hormone.

Well, it looks like some real help for women who’ve lost their sex drive in on the way.

I also looks like a new opportunity for the type of sexual predator who would use a date rape drug.

If it fits in the hole…

I’ve read about women putting certain foreign objects in their pussy, heck, I do that all the time, I mean, why place with just one vibrator when you can play with two, or three…

I’m designed for insertion, but what of men? I really haven’t heard from men interested in putting something in their uretha, and other then flicking the tip of my tongue around the top, I’ve never tried to insert anything there, not a finger, nothing, and no man has ever asked.

Well, horror of horrors, I’m reading about this guy who was using plastic tubes as a sex toy to insert into his penis until he discovered that the chrome casting of a pressure gauge was his “perfect” sex toy, until he lost it in his bladder, where it stayed for 7 years, until it migrated to his scrotum, where it caused a gangrene infection and everything had to be cut off. Well, they saved one testicle and put it in his thigh…

So, just curious, have you tried putting anything in there???

What are the most important things?

I was thinking about what would be on my list of the 5 most important things and my list goes something like sex, health, family, friends, and career, although I’d have a hard time putting into an exact order.

But sex is for sure on the list and I kind of wonder for what percentage of the population does it make the list? And what went wrong for it to have not made the list?

Sex makes you feel good inside for the next day or two, all studies show that it improves your health, longevity, and outlook on life, and people with a good sex life are generally happier, and when you think about it, a good sex life also has to make a relationship stronger.

How is it that it doesn’t make the list for everyone?

One thing that I’ve discussed with people from Adult FriendFinder is how much you learn about sex from being on this site. And it makes me think that with how important sex is to well being, why something like being on this site is taboo, I mean, we are all perverts for being here and we don’t even know it, well, that has to be the perception overall when you think about it. How many of your friends do you discuss what you read or did on Adult FriendFinder? And why does the majority keep Adult FriendFinder a secret.

Actually, is Adult FriendFinder a secret for you? My perception is that it does tend to be a secret for most. Men I talk to from here often say they’d never mention it to the girl they’ve just started seeing. Me, I only discuss Adult FriendFinder with friends from Adult FriendFinder.

I think some of what I’m getting at here, the taboo, is why sex fails to make the list of importance for some people.

Who enjoys sex more?

That was a question in one of my comments.
Me, I enjoy sex more.
I think that question was supposed to be answered males versus females…
Don’t you ever feel like no one likes it as much as you do?

The sign read…

Anyone caught on a adult personals site would be asked to leave. What do they think we are, a bunch of perverts?
You think those internet cafe’s wouldn’t be so interested in what you were doing.
Well, my internet access to adult personals has been almost non-existent. I might be able to arrange something better in about a week or two.
Hope no one in this internet cafe is looking over my shoulder…

Turn back time

greeneyesatl05, in response to my questions about marriage asked “How many here wish they could turn back the clock and start all over?”

I’d like to add to that, what might you do differently? I mean do you think things could be different if you’d done something different early?

I haven’t seen my friend Gunslinger around for a while, but I think he has made some of the best comments I’ve seen on this issue if you aren’t already attached.

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