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The Beginning

I’ve just recently joined Adult Sex Dating. It’s my first time trying anything of this sort and am still trying to figure out what I should expect. Thus far, it seems as though one needs to dish out some cash before anything really happens, as communication between other members seems to be based exclusively on the swipe of a credit card. I’m reluctant to take that plunge, and it may end up delaying any progress in my sex life, but I’m still uncertain about the sexual success rate of the members. If anyone would care to weigh in, it might help me fill out that billing information.
As of now, the only way for me to initiate contact with other people is by “hotlisting” them. Do people really look at who has hotlisted them? Or is it similar to the “poke” feature?
Bottom line, I’m new and could use a few tips if you are willing to share.