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Morning Sex

Men wake up aroused in the morning. We can’t help it. We just wake up and we want you. And the women are thinking, “How can he want me the way I look in the morning?” It’s because we can’t see you. We have no blood anywhere near our optic nerve. ~Andy Rooney
Doesn’t that just look yummy? I think there is nothing more accepting for a woman as when your hair looks like you put it in a blender and you have awful breath and yet he still WANTS you…best sex ever….

Two Bad Bad Girls in a 15+ Gangbang

Ok, I said I’ll give you what YOU WANT and I’ll keep my word.
It seems many of you want to see and hear about TWO Bad Bad Girls in a Gangbang together.
For those who have not voted in the second poll – please have your say here – Get the Gangbang YOU Want!.
For those who have voted – many thanks! It gives me a good guide as to what kind of blog you guys want.
Our gangbangs usually start off with a little show.
Jon might slowly take my cloths off in front of everyone, or he might make me face the wall, undress me, whip me, then make me cum before letting all the guys have me.
We do lots of different things to start. Adult Dating;

Like a rottweiler with a bone

His mouth clings to my clit like a rottweiler with a bone. He use uses his whole mouth and hands to work his magic, driving my body to spasms, and yet he clings to my clit like a rottweiler with bone.

My body spasms, my hips move back and forth, pushing into his head, pulling away and pushing back in, and yet he clings to my clit like a rottweiler with bone.

My stong legs buck my hips high into the air, pushing him and all of his weight into the air, but like a rottweiler with a bone, his mouth does not release my clit, as I buck with spasms over and over, and he clings hard to my clit, like a rottweiler being threatened to have his bone stolen.

His mouth does not tire, his jaw is strong, my body tosses and turns under him, but his mouth is locked on my clit, like a rottweiler with a bone.

He is as territorial over my clit as a rottweiler with a bone. My clit is his.

Sexual assult by HIV

There’s a trial happening in BC that IMHO is worth following. This animal, that was mistaken for human, knew he had HIV and when asked, told the women he was with that he’d been tested and that he was clean.
When the women came down with HIV, he told whined at them about what they were complaining about as it is so treatable today, it is like having a flu. The one woman had been celebite for 5 years prior to her relationship with him, and he was married.
He is charged with sexual assult because the sex wasn’t consentual because of his lie.
actually was talking to someone who once said that if they ever got HIV, they planned to take as many as they could with them.
Clearly, asking the right questions isn’t enough.
I find this story quite shocking. I was wondering how wide spread it is in terms of making the news because I think this is a really important news story.

Play safe.

The Dry Orgasm

I’ve visited this topic in the past, Male ejaculation, orgasm and control. It is interesting to me because I’d really never heard anything formal about it until Adult Sex Dating, and then it was from chatting to people and someone bringing up the topic.

From what I’ve heard about this is that the men that manage to master it do not lose their erection, ejaculate, but experience the feeling of orgasm, and they can continue on to have many of these orgasmic sensations.

In a recent post someone did mention this. The b/f that I had that used to do this was constantly tearing my clothes off, as I was his, so it was obviously working for both of us. I asked him about the lack of cum once, he explained how good what he was doing felt to him, and I never worried about it again.

I hear a number of guys saying they try to think about less pleasurable things to hold off, but this approach sounds like a lot more fun to me…

Any other methods to hold off? I’ve also heard about training through masturbating, bringing closer and closer to orgasm and fighting it back, over and over again.

Scottish Fantasy

I’ve been getting ready. I pull up my black fishnet stocking, the tops just covered by my black dress, with jewels on the front, open in the back and with an open cut showing my navel in the front. I put on my heels and head out of the room.

It is a Scottish pub, popular after a round of golfing. I wonder if when a woman feels as aroused as I do, if sexuality radiates off. It doesn’t feel as if it can be contained.

I spy around the room and our eyes meet, piercing blue eyes. Your buddies’ eyes follow yours, to see what has your gaze. My attire says that my lust can hardly be contained. I walk across the room, not stopping until I am directly in front of you.

“I want you,” I say reaching up towards you and bring my lips to yours, pushing my body into yours and kissing you deeply, putting my hand into yours. “Meet me in 10 minutes,” I say, looking into your eyes, as I transfer my key to your hand and whisper my room number into ear. I turn around and head out of the pub…

Forget-me-not panties

Oh my goodness, at about $100 a pair, they are now selling survellance panties that monitor location, heart rate and body temperature.
Hmmmm, that raises a question for me, does body temperature go up when you’re feeling aroused and hot? Is on Adult Sex Dating a link to our use of the word “hot” for horny and sexual?
The ad says:
protect her privates
Ever worry about your wife cheating?
Want to know where your daughter is late at night?
Need to know when your girlfriend’s temperature is rising?
Now, they might be good for monitoring sexual arousal on a sex date, and that would be pretty cool, but the rest of it, well, I’d dump his ass if I ever found out about being spied on like that.

The Dorm.

I’m living in co-ed university residence, missing my sexual soul mate with a bittersweet passion. The place he’d send me, where my awareness of my surroundings disappeared and the only priority was sexual pleasure, deep, lustful, completely animal like.
But I know that it is over, it has been almost a year, and it is far past the time to move on. How can you be a person to describe on of the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon as an afternoon in bed, yet deny yourself for so long?
He is about 5 years younger and is he gorgeous. Having a fitness determination that drives you to fill a backpack with telephone books to run up a hill just to Adult Dating;

Why Military Guys in Hawaii are GREAT!

I’m just musing and thinking about our upcoming trip to Honolulu.
One of the nicest things about the place is the attutude to sex. I want to cover this particular topic in another blog.
But tonight I want to write about the GREAT value military guys are – sexwise.
Many of my girlfriends don’t agree with me on this – they stay away from guys in the services.
Well, that’s not what happens with me. I just LOVE these guys. Adult Dating;

Inner hurt?

It was suggested that many people on this site are seeking sexual satisfaction to cover inner hurt.
I came to this site quite by accident, and if you read one of my earlier blogs, I was quite horrified the first time I got email, I mean sheesh, what kind of person would be e-mailing me on a sex site???? What kind of people have nothing better to do then hang around a friggin sex site???? They must have abhorrent sexual desires, and can’t be trusted!!!!! Adult Dating;

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