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The Beginning

I’ve just recently joined Adult Sex Dating. It’s my first time trying anything of this sort and am still trying to figure out what I should expect. Thus far, it seems as though one needs to dish out some cash before anything really happens, as communication between other members seems to be based exclusively on the swipe of a credit card. I’m reluctant to take that plunge, and it may end up delaying any progress in my sex life, but I’m still uncertain about the sexual success rate of the members. If anyone would care to weigh in, it might help me fill out that billing information.
As of now, the only way for me to initiate contact with other people is by “hotlisting” them. Do people really look at who has hotlisted them? Or is it similar to the “poke” feature?
Bottom line, I’m new and could use a few tips if you are willing to share.

Sex Dating Training

This is a continuation of my Sex Dating Training series. Here I am giving Slave Manda her second orgasm! Her face and neck display her orgasmic flush.
Now, she wants ME to cum! She begins to play with my dripping wet pussy. Should I let her suck me too – or should I continue being a mean Mistress?
What do YOU think I should do?

Adult Sex Dating: Public Submission

If you have been following this series of Adult Sex Dating you’ll know that I have made Slave Manda orgasm a few times. She is multi-orgasmic and making her cum a few times drives her into a frenzy – because all she wants is to orgasm MORE. I begin to punish at Adult Sex Dating her with my crop – before letting her cum again. I make her get on all fours so that I can whip her bottom, back and breasts with my crop.
She is such an obedient Adult Sex Dating slave. She gets into position and let’s out the slightest whimper when I start whipping her. She is in FULL VIEW of the window so it is a very public Adult Sex Dating submission. Who knows what those guys over the road are doing as they watch us.
I have to tell you that by this time Jon, who has been watching us and taking adult sex dating pics, is rampant horny.
Slave Manda and I are equally excited and wound up as we both keep looking at his rock hard cock…
We both love girl-on-girl but sometimes it’s hard when cock gets in the way!
Jon knows the signs.
He resumes being Master of adult sex dating for BOTH of us and orders us to …
Stay tuned to find out what he does!

friendships in Adult Sex Dating

seems that some people do not
understand what friendship is about.
Friends come on all levels.
The interactions and connections
between friends decide what kind of dating friends
they are in the long run…
if they turn out to be true friends on Adult Sex Dating.

Friendship is something that develops over time;
it does not happen instantaneously.
You should not expect to walk into someone’s life
and make major changes as a “new” friend.
Trying to control someone or eliminate prior friends
is not an option in an uncommitted relationship….
especially a new friendship.

When I talk about friends, lots of people tend to let
their minds jump to “Sexual Friends”.
My best friends are my friends day in and day out
even if sex is not an option,
never has been or never will be.
Those friends have been in my life dating for
usually a year or more…some up to 33 years.
Obviously the super long-term friends were friends
before we joined Adult Sex Dating.
Friends respect your friendships with other friends.

I recently had someone make a rude comment to me
insinuating that I have sex with friends from Adult Sex Dating
in exchange for something.
Anyone who knows me can confirm
that I am probably one of the
most open and honest women
on Adult Sex Dating….
far too much for some people to handle.

Unlike lots of women on here,
I do not play men for money,
am not looking for a husband
and would have to think along time about
having a real boyfriend.
I do not want anything more than a
sincere friendship to accompany the Adult Sex Dating….
if it goes to that level.

If you can’t understand and accept that,
please do not even email me.
Over time I have learned that true friends in Adult Sex Dating
are rare and hard to find
so I know better than to let someone
that I do not know very well
try to end those friendships at Adult Sex Dating.

place for adult sex dating

It is a wonderful place for adult sex dating.
Lost, I am lost in his power, his power to strip stresses.
I am lost in his power to make me squirm, wiggle, buck my hips.
I am lost in his power to control my breathing, make it go fast, panting for air, slow it down.
How did his power to take away time, where did it go? Was time passing, I could not tell. I was so lost.
I am lost in this wonderful place where only giving and getting pleasure exists. It is the perfect place to get lost to.
I want to stay lost…

Two Bad Girls

Now Kate gets serious and wants to suck me for hours and hours.
Here is another adult sex dating pic of her playing and sucking me again and showing her own pussy – ready to be fucked hard.
That will come later as another reward …

Adult Sex Dating Routine

Hands up if your Adult Sex Dating life is routine.
I think the biggest complaint about why people aren’t happy with their Adult Sex Dating life behind just not getting enough or their partner not interested is that one’s adult sex life is routine.
How does a sex life become routine?
How do you break-free of a routine Adult Sex Dating life, or prevent it?
It seems to me that established patterns are hard to break.
Anyone out there have a story about overcoming a routine sex life with their Adult Sex Dating partner?

How did you find Adult Sex Dating?

Reading people’s comments always seems to bring out questions about sexuality and in one of my recent posts I did mention that I thought Adult Sex Dating was a secret for most of us, but, thinking about it more, I’ve had men tell me they heard about Adult Sex Dating from a friend.

I think that there are probably strong male female differences in how we all came to Adult Sex Dating. I got here quite by accident, as far as how you might describe an accident. I was looking for specific reading material when I came upon my first sex site, and well, that kind of opened a door in a way that I never imagined. Anyone who’s read some of my earlier blogs might have had a good laugh at my story about my “horror” at actually getting an email… And my goodness, where did it lead… The slippery slope of adult sex dating sites
Back to my question, how is it that you happened onto Adult Sex Dating?

About Adult Sex Dating

Before I found Adult Sex Dating, I found this other site and I agreed to meet a guy from there and he didn’t show up. Much to my stupidity, I gave him a second chance and damn if he didn’t show up again.

I then found him to be extremely deceptive, he gave me a false phone number and few other shady things.

So, moving forward a year, he has started emailing me here, I guess not realising I already know he’s a toad.

Anyway, I tried one of those quick mail replies, “Sorry, not interested in dating gay or bi men,” only because it didn’t seem fair to whoever lived at the false address I was thinking of giving him…

The workings of Adult Sex Dating – What I learned

Today, and every second Wednesday, Adult Sex Dating updates its computer program. The next update after today will be Aug 31st. If you notice new bugs tomorrow, well, the soonest you will see a fix will be Aug 31st if people send emails to customer service.

Bugs are fixed daily, but they only show up every second week. Once in a while, a more problematic bug, like that one that only allowed members of Adult Sex Dating to add one comment to their adult dating posts, shows up, and it is fixed much faster. That one was about 5 days, and it only took that long because members of Adult Sex Dating were away over the weekend.

The spacing and link problems on the profile pages should be fixed today. Additionally, the change to the blog command that started inserting the title instead of the name has been reversed, but you can add the word “title” and get the title without typing it out, I hope. I think Goddess has covered this in her blogging adult personals posts, links below.

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