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The adult dating SECRET

All my adult adult dating friends think it is a bit strange that I spend so much time hanging around my local Borders book store. Actually, there are two of them within four miles of my home.

What I am keeping a dating secret from them is that sights like the one in the accompanying adult dating picture are not all that rare at Borders.

Should I share my adult dating secret with them or keep it to myself?

To Ebay or Not

While I was on my sabbatical from Adult FriendFinder I became addicted to ebay. Those auctions are intoxicating; receiving items won is thrilling.
Try as I might, I cannot break the ebay habit.
Sure, I have bought some things I needed, some things I merely wanted, and some things just for the heck of it.

I wonder if there is a twelve step program for ebay addicts? Maybe my delivery person and I can enter together because she enjoys bringing me my purchases. She is pictured adjacent to this post with one of my purchases.

TOO Much of a GOOD Thing

I was thinking about whether or not it is possible to have too much of a good thing, and a friend told me about his girlfriend. Now, he is a boob man and he thought he had found a bonanza with her. I told him that I am not so sure about that; that maybe she is simply too much of a good thing.

Her sex dating picture accompanies this post. What do you think? Too Much?

The BDSM Series Continued …

After our rest in LA we are now back in the Bay Area.

I’m still jetlagged and I need to get more sunlight to correct my body clock. Very weak sun here after the harsh intense Australian light.

It’s GREAT to be back really.

I am going to spend some time with family and get in contact with a few friends who are not expecting to see me until later this year.

In continuing the bdsm series – here Jon has tied me to the bed, spread my legs, and has caned my bottom. Often in this position he’ll whip my back and the inside of my thighs and sometimes in between my legs – Ouch!

It’s not a slient process! In between my moans and crying out – he whispers or tells me what a slut I am and that I deserve to be disiplined and what he’s going to do to me.

Verbal humiliation excited me a great deal – not sure why – but it does.

Jon is very very mean to me!

But you know what? I usually DO deserve to be punished. I mean – that’s what happens to Bad Bad Girls!

Actually Jon is only ever REALLY mean when he witholds my orgasms. THAT’S the hardest thing to take.

All the whipping and caning are really only stings in comparison.

We call this play “T O D” – Temporary Orgasm Denial. I think I invented the “T” part of that name! I try hard, with all kinds of tricks, to entice him so that the T is kept VERY temporary!

If you want bdsm pics and stories just ask for more.


So, one day the girlfriend says to me, “Ex, I think I am going to get a tattoo. What would you like to see me get?”

I thought about and said that I really like the Simpsons and that she could get one that would remind me of the show.

Well, she went out and did it.

When she came back, all proud of herself, she asked me if I wanted to see it. She got one of Homer, which was great with me. It was where she got it that threw me for a loop.

Car Problems

I had a subaru station wagon for twenty-two years and no one ever tried to steal it or break into it. But, as is prone to happen with cars, it eventually needed to be replaced. So I got a new car; not new-new, just new to me. Ever since I have had my new car, I have not had one minute’s rest. Someone is always trying to steal it.

There is a picture of it with this post. I cannot figure out what the problem is.

The Irish Girl’s Return

An Irish daughter had not been home for over five years. Upon her return, her father cursed her.

“Where have ye been all this time? Why did ye not write to us, not even a line? Why didn’t ye call? Can ye not understand what ye put yer old mother thru?”

The girl, crying, replied, “Sniff, sniff…dad…I became a protitute…”

“Ye what!!? Out of here, ye shameless harlot! Sinner! You’re a disgrace to this Catholic family!”

“OK, dad…as ye wish. I just came back to give mum this luxurious fur coat, title deed to a ten bedroom mansion plus a $5 million savings certificate. For me little brother, this gold Rolex. And for ye daddy, the sparkling new Mercedes limited edition convertible that’s parked outside plus a membership to the country club…….(takes a breath)…..and an invitation for ye all to spend New Years Eve on board my new yacht in the Riveria and …”

“Now what was that ye said ye had become?” says dad.

Girl, crying again, “Sniff, sniff…a prostitute daddy! Sniff, sniff.”

“Oh! Be Jesus! Ye scared me half to death girl! I thought ye said a Protestant. Come here and give yer old dad a hug!”

The Wal-Mart Greeter

A very loud, very unattractive, mean-acting woman walked into Wal-Mart with her two kids, yelling obscenities at them all the way through the entrance.

The Wal-Mart greeter said pleasantly “Good morning, and welcome to Wal-Mart. Nice children you have there. Are they twins?”

The mean woman stopped yelling long enough to say, “Hell no they ain’t. The older one’s 9 and the other one’s 7. Why the hell would you think they’re twins? Are you blind, or just stupid?”

“I’m neither blind nor stupid, Ma’am,” replied the greeter “I just couldn’t believe you got laid twice. Have a good day and thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart.”

What Part of STRAIGHT Don’t You Understand?

I think I have been on this site, off and on, for five or six years. In all that time, I don’t think I have ever been contacted by someone who wasn’t looking for something pretty close to what I was here seeking.

Today, I received a message in my mailbox from a man who wanted to give me a blow job. My first thought was, “What the f**k?” Then I started thinking that maybe my profile was messed up and it did not say that I was STRAIGHT or that I was only seeking WOMEN. Well, I checked it out and sure enough it states what I thought it should. So, now I know how all those women and couples feel who receive messages from people who are looking for things other than what the recipients are.

I know there are many people (mostly men) who don’t bother to read the profiles; but I never thought I would be a victim of it.

Could you do it for Money?

As a weird coincidence, my best friend and I were discussing Heath Ledger (or more specifically, his role in Brokeback Mountain) on the day his tragic death was announced. Now, neither of us actually saw the movie; but we understand that there are a few male/male kissing scenes in it.

Our discussion centered around whether or not we, if we were actors, could bring ourselves to kiss another man like that. I suppose you will do just about anything for the right amount of money; but as a straight male it is difficult for me to imagine kissing another male. I wonder if you have to have a little bi-sexuality in your character to do so or is the money simply motivation enough.

I recall once seeing a Dutch film where the male star sucked on another man’s penis. That actor eventually came to America and stared in several big budget movies and his characters were always straight. Personally, I don’t know whether the man was straight or not; but I definitely have a hard time imagining sucking on another man’s penis…regardless of the money involved.

There are actors and actresses who have turned down roles because of nudity or other issues. These actors must have known what the script called for them to be doing before they signed on for their roles, so, if they really had strong feelings about it or reservations, they could have turned down the roles.

Do you think actors can divorce themselves from their own sexual preferences for the good of their roles? Or do you think that a straight male who is willing to kiss another male, or more, for a role isn’t quite as straight as he would like to think he is?

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