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Adult Personals: Public Fucking

If you have been following these series of Adult Personals, I was being a mean Mistress training my lovely sex dating Slave Manda.
I was dominating her in full view of some watchers across the road – in the next building.
Jon got so horny watching us that he stepped in Adult Personals to dominate BOTH of us.
Is it possible for a Mistress to become a Slave at the click of a finger?
Well, yes! The point of me being a Mistress is primarily for JON’s enjoyment!
Yes, I love being a mean Mistress in and of itself, but I also love Jon watching me and giving me his approval.
So, I was entirely successful by making him get super horny for me and Slave Manda!
He orders both Manda and me to finger each other – in preparation to be fucked.
This both Manda and I happliy set out to do! Manda is already naked so I quickly start to push my fingers into her dripping wet pussy.
Adult Personals Slave Manda pulls down my nickers and starts to pump her fingers in and out of my own moist pussy.

Adult Personals – Cheeks

I’ve been busy and have not had much time to Adult Personals post – sorry about that.
This is a continuation of our 15+ guys on two girls series.
In this pic our Masters have told us to keep our panties on, bend over, spread our bum cheeks, and show the guys what they’ll be enjoying soon.
You can see that my Adult Personals girlfriend has already started to get WET.
For myself, in contemplation of what was to happen, my pussy is FLOODING.
In the meantime perhaps you’ll try to guess what we are told to do next!!!
A special prize for the correct guess!

adult personals albums

A while back looking through adult personals albums (I was curious about what it is in those albums that keeps a woman’s adult personals profile so consistently at the top of the most popular women on Adult Personals list, and my guess is that it’s all the cum and blow job pics in the albums. I totally digress here, people can say they prefer classy or elegant pics, but I think actions speak louder then words. ).
Anyway, she had a back shot picture of a very hot looking woman in a thong bikini walking and holding hands with a very obese man, and she put up a caption something to the effect, “How can you spot a wealthy man,” implying of course that no beautiful woman from adult personals could possible be interested in such an overweight man unless of course he had money, and it isn’t him she’s interested in, but his money.

Bad Bad Girl and Adult Personals

I?ve received an email saying in effect ?the adult personals pics and sex are great BUT … please please more more travel commentary about Australia.
We HAVE been travelling about. Our adult personals profile says we are in Canberra ? but we are actually on the road.
There?s just NO Australian city on Adult Personals that we can locate.
I?’ve been reading ?Clancy of the Overflow? as we have been moving around New South Wales.
In the poem, Banjo Paterson envies Clancy?s bush adult personals life.

Adult Personals Blog Pic Request: Arse Fucking …

Ok, another arse fucking request:
“mmmm on the one with you ready to have a good arse fucking is there a next shot… like to see you being fucked in that position…plzzz”
After my anus was spread – see earlier Adult Personals blog pic – I took a few guys anally.
This Adult Personals pic was taken just as one of the guys thrusts deep into my anus. He had a smaller cock so it was not too bad – but it did go right in …

Fuck anything with a hole

I was asked for feedback on a Adult Sex Dating profile, and what did it say? Well, it didn’t exactly say fuck anything with a hole, but all it said was that he was interested in women or couples and went I thought about it, fuck anything with a hole is how it came across, as do quite a few sex dating profiles.
So, I wrote back that most women don’t want to be one in a series of lovers so it would have limited appeal to women on here.
The response I got back said more about him and what he wanted and upped his appeal level immeasurably. Between being a single dad who works a lot, he’s found the relationship thing hasn’t worked out as he hasn’t been able to give the time women have desired. He really does want a regular lover that can be happy with what he has to offer, so he’s concluded someone who also has commitments that limit time, but would appreciate what two people can offer each other within those time constraints is who he’s looking for. And he wants the intimacy, adult personals, friendship and companionship of a regular partner.
This is a free online dating site, and yes, it does make sense to include your sexual interests in your free dating profile, but I think showing who you are as a person can increase sexual appeal immeasurably.

Hairy or not at Adult Personals?

Hairy or not is a personal preference both for the individual in how they keep their body and for their tastes in their partner. I would tend to think that if you like bush, you like it both on your partner and on yourself and if you like clean shaven on yourself; it is probably also a preference for a partner.
I have decided that I like some shaving down there, and tonight I was struck by how strongly influencing that preference is when viewing pictures at online sex dating.
Note the difference
Clean shaven: He feels so nice and smooth under my tongue. I run my Adult Dating;

Anyone not like getting oral in Adult Personals?

Big SexyMama Asked in my
Adult Personals
blog if any guys do not like getting blow jobs.
That’s a good question. So, ladies, have you met many guys that do not want blowjobs????
Any guys on here that really do not care for that???
And what of the women, any not like oral?
And guys, do you find many women who do not care for oral?