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Sex and horny

I;m always so horny I want sex all the.I get a hard stiff cock,I got a 3somesome going on right now with me a 68 year old sex pot,and a Gorgeous tranny,she gave me a great blow job,then I fuck this Beautiful mature lady with big beautiful boobs,I’ve come twice already in 4 and a half hours and I’m ready to come again and still horny,I hope we can keep this going all week end.happy sexing to every body

Sex Dating: Public Fucking

Following on from my last sex dating post – the two slaves bring each other close to orgasm.
We are both so horny that it does not take long.
I have already made Manda cum a few times. She completley removes my sex dating panties and with her fingers quickly brings me to the point where I am ready to cum – but Jon does not allow me to orgasm.
Yes, I can see he’s going to be mean – to both of us!
And of course – he makes us do this on a footstool – right in front of the window. He wants the whole world to see what he’s making us do!

Intimacy of sex dating

What do you like best about sex dating?

Me, it would be the intimacy, and certain “positions” tend to lend themselves to more intimacy then others.

I’ll always have to say I love missionary for its intimacy. In missionary I am filled with his need between my legs, him driving his need into me, and also able to kiss deeply, swirling tongues, thrusting hips to meet his need, which is as much my own. And the hands, my hands are free in missionary, to feel his back, his bum as he tightens and thrusts. For me, missionary captures more of my senses, those from my mouth, my fingers, my hands, my legs wrapped around him, or toes together as he thrusts in a position using my feet to brace himself. I get to wrap my arms around him and hold him. I love missionary.

Another position I find extremely intimate is lying on my tummy for anal sex dating, and a vibrator in my pussy. I love the feel of the length of his body next to mine, and my ears are right at his mouth, I hear every groan, every breath, all the need in the sounds he makes, his need, his lust, his release and it sends shivers down me as he drives his cock deep into my ass, rubbing the vibrator through the thin wall that separates my pussy from his cock.

So, what do you like best about sex dating?

I’m so turned on thinking about these things…

Gangbangs in Sex Dating

In my last Sex Dating blog on the group session I said that the guys could not wait to suck our breasts and finger our pussies.
Here they are – wanting desperately to play but still a little shy.
Are guys shy at gangbangs in Sex Dating?
You bet they are. I often have to do a lot to encourage them to let themselves go!
Here they are milling around but not getting to it…