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My Reasons for only dating Black Men

I know I really have no reason to explain my reasons, but it seems lately a few people are wanting to know why. Why have I rejected white men to only date black men, well first off look at the pic above is that not sexy? Ok so I am prolonging this, so let’s get down to brass tacks shall we.
I am the survivor of sexual abuse from a family member. It started when I was five, I had no idea what this man was doing I just knew he was my elder. I was raised that if an elder tells you something you do it, no questions asked. Not only that I had no idea what he was doing was wrong. This lasted until I was ten, when I got old enough to know what he was doing he would tell me that my family would never believe me anyway. I believed him.
He was right on one thing, the family didn’t believe me. I was called a liar, and a troublemaker when I finally came forward. It was all swept under a rug and never talked about again. Unfortunately, it left lasting scars ones that no one can see. I can’t hug a white man without sweating,I can’t kiss a white man without wanting to run, worst yet there is no way in hell I can try to have sex with one. I tried once, just to appease my family and I ended up yaking all over him and a weepy mess.
So there you have it, why I reject white men. Can I get help for it, I already did still didn’t work. Any other questions, feel free to ask now that this is out in the open.

Were gonna party

Really, is there anything better then a theme party? OK, maybe they are a little lame. But, every now and again you hit the right note and it makes for a fun night. Ashley and I wanted to have a welcome back party at our place and came up with the amazing, incredible, scintillating and original idea of an 80′s themed bash. Like totally, oh my gawd, it was so radical, bitchin’, fer sure! As you can see by the pic below, I was totally like channeling my inner John Hughes with an ode to Ferris Bueller. Ashley opted for the rad Valley Girl get up from “Valley Girl”! Nik Cage once had real hair.. how about that?!

We made sure to include our adjacent neighbors in our plans, would not want anyone feeling slighted and thus causing problems. Plus, a fun way to meet those around you. We have a couple of fellow students directly below us (whew, that’s a relief). Our next door neighbor is a Nurse and works the graveyard so she would not be home (she was really nice though). And since we are on the top floor and on the corner, that was pretty much all we needed to really worry about from a noise stand point! From what either of us has been able to tell, there appear to be no real “Debbie Downers” in the complex. But you never know!!!

The big attraction for us is the pool, we are a bit spoiled! A few of our friends rented a house, some are on campus still and a few others did a condo. So we get major points for skinny dipping potential!!! We had about 30 people over which ebbed and flowed as the night went on. This was our first ever chance to be hosts, so we made sure to hide all the breakables!! We debated putting down rubber sheets everywhere too! It is amazing how “old” you get when it is suddenly your place that could get trashed!!!!

Included in our esteemed guest list were my latest 2 friends. Matt & Ms. Super Cute and both made it over. I was really glad to see MSC, it meant she was not freaked out by my confession! Ashley was quite impressed with my crush.. I do have good taste! I was equally glad to see Matt show up as my little plan to “hook him up” was in place… more on that in a minute! All of our old “floor” buddies made it out as well. We had a wonderful collection of beverages.. Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Dr. Pepper.. you know, all age appropriate soft drinks!!!

Dreamin’ of a bit of sexual heaven on earth

A bit of sexual heaven for me right now would be a local strokin’ party. i love to watch guys stroke and i like to watch multiple cocks at once. i would love to have several guys in a room at once strokin’ their cocks. all of us naked, maybe a bit of porn in the background. all the guys beating it off with me going around kissing, caressing, and touching all of them. i know some guys can be shy about jerkin’ off in front of other guys but it would be great. hearing them moan, talk dirty as they reach their sexual peak and seeing that sweet cum fly. then, to top it all off a few other women for me to makeout with, caress, play with their breasts………..i could go on. that’s a bit of sexual heaven for me right now.

15 swinger guys

The swingers girls are told to lie down together on the floor and play with each other. Jon puts hand and ankle clamps on me. He plans to tie me up later and spread my legs wide apart.
Then the guys are let loose. They jump off their chairs and make straight for the floor.
They are soooo horny some of them can’t wait to take their cloths off before sucking and kissing our breasts and putting their fingers into our pussys.
Yum – it’s going to be a fun evening for two very Bad Bad Girls and 15+++ super horny swinger guys…

Scottish Fantasy Cont

The room wasn’t so much as room but more of a sexual lair. By the doorway hang two lined silk housecoats. A fireplace burns on one side, with a bed of cushions around a coffee table, in front of a futon.
Laid out on the coffee table is a Belgium chocolate fondue, mixed with fresh cream, surrounded by a tray of fresh fruit, strawberries, cherries, banana slices, oranges sections, slices of peaches and nectarines. A bottle of wine awaited opening beside two crystal glasses.
A spiral staircase lead up to a loft. There is a king sized bed with tiled mirrors framing it perfectly from above. One wall is an entired wall of mirrors. The bed has bed posts, and is equipped to allow a little bondage play. In front of the bed hangs a sex swing, and to one side is a frog seat.
The is no direct light, but soft light bounces out from behind fixtures and candles flicker around the fondue.
I am waiting on the futon, my dress slightly above the tops of my black stocking. I hear the key turn in the door and watch it open. You step into the room, looking around until you spot me and your blue eyed piercing gaze locks on mine…

Swingers dating lifestyle

The funny thing about done something socially unexceptable is, you can’t really announce to the world.
And if you can’t announce it to the world, finding more people with the same situation, like or fetish is pretty hard.
SO don’t expect to open the newspaper any time soon and see an ad for a triad support group
Not that we need one. After five years our lives are great and we wouldn’t change. Actually we would love to support other swingers and help them through the tough times. But alas, it’s hard to find other triad’s.
PLus to some swingers out there, what we are doing is wrong, especially since we have children and they need to expose us and correct our wrong.
We actually had a meet with a “swingers couple” a year ago. It turned out to be a newspaper reporter. C had smelled it out and sent in a dummy, and it put an end to that.
Swingers in our community have come to accept us. We go to church, do a lot of work in the church and in the local swingers community. Look, a triad is not a disease, it’s a swingers dating lifestyle choice. We choose to live this way, just like some swingers like to dress up as a baby at age 45 and get spanked for foreplay

Swingers. Sex in a Tree House.

Mmmmm – this was an interesting swingers event – three guys in a little tree house.
There was just enough room in the tree house to fit one swingers guy at a time.
They each clambered up a rope ladder and took turns fucking me. We could not stand up in the tree house – but lying down and going on all fours was no problem …
The balcony of the tree house overlooked the township – and we played on the balcony too. I could touch the leaves as I was being fucked from behind.
This was public swingers sex dating as its funnest!

Just ask Bad Bad Girl nicely and she may post some swingers sex dating pics of her tree house romp.

No Kissing with your swinger partners

“You can fuck my swinger partner, but don’t kiss them.”
I don’t understand this. I have no idea how common this sexual oxymoron is in the swing lifestyle, but I completely don’t get what it is about being kissed that’s a problem. I mean seriously, isn’t that somehow backwards. Can you just see it on a first swinger date, we can fuck, but kissing is too intimate…???
I don’t get it.

Adult Sex Dating Swingers party.

My Adult Sex Dating group friends and I, just love to get together and have some naked fun times. Hope you will join us sometime. If your interested then cum over and join my hot nudist group I host.

Swinger dating site

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