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Being a Jock

I think I get frustrated and sometimes go completely off. I’m tired!!!!! I can subject myself to meeting people in real life, go on dates, go celibate and tell you the truth…… I’ve had better luck meeting platonic friends on here than in real life. I’d hate for a guy to think because I’m on a date with him that it gives him a license to feel on my lady lumps or worse think he can take my cookies or talk to me in a way that I haven’t presented myself nor would like to be to or with him. If I want to have sex with a person….I know within five minutes…..but as I see that a guy may not be mentally stimulating and I feel no vibes that seal the deal on making me forward to close the deal then I know that we’re not a match. I’ve learned to let my heart, mind and genitals all be on the same page before proceeding with anything sexual. Initially, if someone looks good….you want to have sex but if you listen to them talk, watch their mannerisms, and feel them out then more times than not….you’ll change your mind.