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Doesn’t want to be first!

She was invited for dinner few times but seems she not keen to meet him.
She makes up and dress good. She doesn’t like the mall here. She feels herself not belong to this world. Those people in here are so classy looking. So many good looking men around. She feels excited to see them walking by.
They are having dinner and chating. Through chating she knows h never dating before. What in her mind now? Wow mean he wants her to be his first? Haha No way. He is too conservative man. How come the dinasour still alive in this world? When they are chating, her eyes keeps looking around and someone really catch her attention. The couple next to them. He is so stunning looking. Wearing a nice shirt with jeans. So body fit. His gf so pretty and sexy. She feels that he knows she keep peeping him. Yah, she feels herself in her world. Want to unzip his pants and unbutton his shirt. Want to knees under table and give him nice bj without attention from his gf.
Girl. Will u girl like date virgin man? or the hot man like him?