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Sex in adult dating

So, I was having this conversation about sex in adult dating with my sex dating girlfriend, what else is new, and the conversation brought me to tears.
“He had a problem,” she said of her ex-boyfriend.
I asked if he came too quick.
“No,” she said, “he had problems cuming.”
Fuck, how can I get his number I’m thinking.
“He needed to go an hour before he could come, that’s too long and I get so uncomfortable,” she says, as tears start rolling down my cheek, and I think of the injustice of such mismatches.
“I told him to go see the doctor for delayed ejaculation problem and do an internet search,” she said.
EEEEKKKK, no, no, no, send him to me…

Adult Dating Life

Sigh, what does a girl do? If you have been following this sex dating story you’ll know that I am super super horny at Adult Dating. Jon has been playing with me for days but has been orgasm denying and not letting me cum. I rallied and used some female guile to entice him to fuck me hard. I climbed onto a chair and displayed my pussy and anus to trigger a shock and awe response! Did it work in Adult Dating?
Well kinda! Jon puts my collar and dog lead on me and gets out his whip! But he still wants to humiliate and punish me a little more before he whips me! I am not going to get fucked without a whipping. I deserve it, because I’m a Adult Dating. So, out come the anthead nipple clamps. He ties my hands behind my back. When my nipples are pinched they hurt like HELL! Those anthead clamps are deadly.
He’s a mean mean Master. He ignores my crys and moans! He calls me names that I won’t repeat here.
Then miraculously, the pain disappears from my nipples and is replaced with a warm warm glow that moves down my whole body.
Now I WANT him to be mean and do bad things to my body.
What is he going to do next at Adult Dating?

Adult Dating and friends

For nearly two weeks, I have been emailing Adult Dating
asking them to correct a problem
with my friends network.
I have been unable to view friends on Adult Dating Adult Dating
when I click into the network.
This morning I noticed that the problem
is more than I realized.
The photo albums of 4 ladies are showing
in my friends network albums.
These ladies are not my friends and are NOT in my network.
I don’t even know them.
The photo albums of my real friends at Adult Dating
do not show at all!

Gangbangs in Adult Dating

Ok, contiuning on…
You can’t take gangbangs in Adult Dating too seriously.
I laugh and joke with the guys to put them at their ease.
A few get bolder and bring up our dildos…

Adult dating – Two Bad Girls

Okay, here Kate clamps her mouth and lips around my pussy and just keeps sucking and pushing her tongue into me, round my clit and pussy lips.
She made me cum again and again and again.
I think I orgasmed about 18 times! But actually I lost count! It may have been more than that.
Wow – BDSM and girl-on-girl is such wonderful adult dating sex.
I was completley spent – and that’s saying something because I am such a Bad Bad Girl.
And Kate is a very bad girl too.
We’ve done quite a few Gangbangs and girl-on-girl together. If you want more adult dating stories about these – just ask.

Adult Dating. Dogging.

Ok, so here I am, over a year exploring a adult sex site, and I’m still being surprised.
Dogging is a new term for me, and for those also uninformed, it means performing adult sex acts for voyeurs in public or semi-public places.
There are laces that are well know to people who like to watch and like to perform. This brings up the question of legality, and that varies. Imagine, in Germany you can have adult sex in dating as long as you don’t hit anything. And of course, there are those against it, so to try and stop its popularity, some cities have installed bright lights (the better to see and make videos I would think.) I guess they missed the point that these people like to be watched. Of course, doggers do have etiquette and rules, like not in front of children, and don’t block the view of others, especially if they were there first, and don’t join in unless invited. So, anyone into dogging?

Inverse adult dating relationship?

In an ideal world, when you engage in sex you would always have two people really hot for each other and plenty of time, and a desire to drive each other crazy, but, the world isn’t ideal.

So, sometimes you just need it and time will only allow a bit of scratch, and sometimes only one of you is in the mood, and sometimes…

So, your adult dating partner is really horny, and you just aren’t. Sometimes you say no, and sometimes you feel like you should, so you do even though you really aren’t into it.

Other times you are so horny and have so much need, and your adult dating partner is finished far before you are.
Now this may be my imagination, but I think that a man can last longer if a woman is less into it — counting the spots on the ceiling — then if she is in heat for it — please don’t stop, yes, yes, deeper, hard, yes, moan, groan, yes, give me more, give me more…

I think high passion, desire and lust can set a man off much quicker, when her need is highest and it is an unfortunate inverse adult dating relationship.

Initiating adult dating

I was thinking more about how I evaluate that I have a higher then “normal” sex drive.

I’ve been in relationships where I initiate adult dating sex way more then my partner, or fairly equal to my partner.

Off topic here, but adult dating sex is better for me when I’ve initiated it as well. Obviously the person initiating it is already horny.
From looking around Adult Sex Dating, a non-initiating partner seems to be a fairly common complaint.
I did have one partner that initiated sex to the point that I couldn’t keep up with him. I remember deciding that I was just going to see if I could satisfy him, and I think I called it quites after he’d gotten off about 8 times and I was so sore, I almost couldn’t walk.
Other then that adult personals experience, the weight of who does the intiating suggests that I have a higher drive then my sex dating partners.

My adult dating dreams last night

He was in my adult dating dreams last night, the memory of how passionate he was, the way he held me close, and the power he had over me.
I shiver at the memory of how he held me and kissed my neck, embracing and caressing me, sending tingles up my spine. How, without warning, he maneuvered me not to lie down, but to bend over the bed and he pulled my peach undies aside and buried his face in me. How weak my legs became, his power over me.

I tasted him again in my adult dating dreams, his beautiful, perfect, hard cock, the pre-cum dripping out, so tasty and his scent, how he made my heart race. How when he kissed me again, I smelled my scent on his face.

The memory of him aroused me in my adult dating dreams, how he looked after my pussy with his cock, deep burying thrusts, shoving himself deeper in me, forcing me to cum and squirt around his cock, making me so wet. My hips rolled with desire to the memory in my adult dating dreams.

In my dream I see him continuing to watch me as I drive away and he doesn’t stop watching until I am gone. Oh how I will miss him.

Exhausted, still horny and having fun adult dating blogging

If I was exhausted because of doing my civic duty following Sunday Fornication Act, I wouldn’t be so horny, and if you missed the enactment of Bill 69, well, the links, Bill 69 second reading, Bill 69 Drill, give the background.

I was thinking, what the heck gets into a woman in her forties, me, that changes her character from being a little freaked that someone would actually email you when set up a profile on a sex dating site just because you are curious, to embracing it beyond anything you thought you were capable of?

Indeed, I’m thinking back about 20 years ago and a sexy girlfriend and I put a personal ad together into the personal’s column just for fun. I forget the details of our ad, but it came across kind of, “we want to live in a beer commercial,” funny, light hearted and fun.

And sexy boy, was that ad successful. You had to actually write something on real paper, put it in an envelope and stick in the mail to respond. I knew a few adult dating friends who had written personal ads and they typically got 0-15 replies. Well, we got way over a hundred, maybe 200.. But I digress from the point of what I want to say.

This one response really stood out for me. The guy, I mean, was he nuts or what, he actually sent erotic pictures of himself!!!!!

Didn’t he know that would make his adult dating pictures a part of the public domain????? If you send nude adult dating pictures to a complete stranger, you have no rights to expect privacy to those sex pictures, I mean, what was he thinking?????

Oh, how things change, so what am I thinking???

Anyway, being true to the rebellion that I have embraced since being on Adult Sex Dating, the rebellion to convention and social morals that I grew up with, I have uploaded that series of 1 x 1 adult dating pics that appear on the side of this profile into a network album so they aren’t so tiny.

And I had fun posting that last post. The only thing that wasn’t fun was Adult Sex Dating kept denying parts of it, so it looked incomplete, and my computer crashed right when I was at the end of a comment that I responded to many who left comments . I hate the censorship, and computer problems.

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