What are the most important things?

I was thinking about what would be on my list of the 5 most important things and my list goes something like sex, health, family, friends, and career, although I’d have a hard time putting into an exact order.

But sex is for sure on the list and I kind of wonder for what percentage of the population does it make the list? And what went wrong for it to have not made the list?

Sex makes you feel good inside for the next day or two, all studies show that it improves your health, longevity, and outlook on life, and people with a good sex life are generally happier, and when you think about it, a good sex life also has to make a relationship stronger.

How is it that it doesn’t make the list for everyone?

One thing that I’ve discussed with people from Adult FriendFinder is how much you learn about sex from being on this site. And it makes me think that with how important sex is to well being, why something like being on this site is taboo, I mean, we are all perverts for being here and we don’t even know it, well, that has to be the perception overall when you think about it. How many of your friends do you discuss what you read or did on Adult FriendFinder? And why does the majority keep Adult FriendFinder a secret.

Actually, is Adult FriendFinder a secret for you? My perception is that it does tend to be a secret for most. Men I talk to from here often say they’d never mention it to the girl they’ve just started seeing. Me, I only discuss Adult FriendFinder with friends from Adult FriendFinder.

I think some of what I’m getting at here, the taboo, is why sex fails to make the list of importance for some people.

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