Is it ok to LIE to get LAID?

I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about this shit any more.
My girlfriend on this site is meeting a guy who has now ADMITTED to lying about his age by 11 years. I think it’s a bad idea to meet him. My general experience, is that when guys lie about the very OBVIOUS things (their age, by a decade) that are inconsequential (his real age is still over 5 years younger than her), it’s a bad sign.
Still, there seems to be this universal attitude, whether it’s on this site or in movies/TV that if you are lying to get laid, it’s all understandable and ok.
Claim you’re not married? … that’s ok.
Tell a girl that you love her, you want a relationship with her, just so that she’ll fuck you? … hey! Doesn’t EVERYONE do that???
Personally, I think that’s what happened in the William Kennedy Smith rape case. I think he led her to believe that she was more to him … and as soon as he fucked her, he dropped her, and probably mocked/disrespected her too. (I lived in Palm Beach ages ago, and I knew some of the people who testified in that case.)
It’s an interesting philosophical debate, however. At what point does “consensual” sex become non-consensual? What if a woman agreed to have sex with “X” only to find that he wasn’t “X” at all?

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