Scottish Fantasy Cont

The room wasn’t so much as room but more of a sexual lair. By the doorway hang two lined silk housecoats. A fireplace burns on one side, with a bed of cushions around a coffee table, in front of a futon.
Laid out on the coffee table is a Belgium chocolate fondue, mixed with fresh cream, surrounded by a tray of fresh fruit, strawberries, cherries, banana slices, oranges sections, slices of peaches and nectarines. A bottle of wine awaited opening beside two crystal glasses.
A spiral staircase lead up to a loft. There is a king sized bed with tiled mirrors framing it perfectly from above. One wall is an entired wall of mirrors. The bed has bed posts, and is equipped to allow a little bondage play. In front of the bed hangs a sex swing, and to one side is a frog seat.
The is no direct light, but soft light bounces out from behind fixtures and candles flicker around the fondue.
I am waiting on the futon, my dress slightly above the tops of my black stocking. I hear the key turn in the door and watch it open. You step into the room, looking around until you spot me and your blue eyed piercing gaze locks on mine…

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