Swingers dating lifestyle

The funny thing about done something socially unexceptable is, you can’t really announce to the world.
And if you can’t announce it to the world, finding more people with the same situation, like or fetish is pretty hard.
SO don’t expect to open the newspaper any time soon and see an ad for a triad support group
Not that we need one. After five years our lives are great and we wouldn’t change. Actually we would love to support other swingers and help them through the tough times. But alas, it’s hard to find other triad’s.
PLus to some swingers out there, what we are doing is wrong, especially since we have children and they need to expose us and correct our wrong.
We actually had a meet with a “swingers couple” a year ago. It turned out to be a newspaper reporter. C had smelled it out and sent in a dummy, and it put an end to that.
Swingers in our community have come to accept us. We go to church, do a lot of work in the church and in the local swingers community. Look, a triad is not a disease, it’s a swingers dating lifestyle choice. We choose to live this way, just like some swingers like to dress up as a baby at age 45 and get spanked for foreplay

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