Were gonna party

Really, is there anything better then a theme party? OK, maybe they are a little lame. But, every now and again you hit the right note and it makes for a fun night. Ashley and I wanted to have a welcome back party at our place and came up with the amazing, incredible, scintillating and original idea of an 80′s themed bash. Like totally, oh my gawd, it was so radical, bitchin’, fer sure! As you can see by the pic below, I was totally like channeling my inner John Hughes with an ode to Ferris Bueller. Ashley opted for the rad Valley Girl get up from “Valley Girl”! Nik Cage once had real hair.. how about that?!

We made sure to include our adjacent neighbors in our plans, would not want anyone feeling slighted and thus causing problems. Plus, a fun way to meet those around you. We have a couple of fellow students directly below us (whew, that’s a relief). Our next door neighbor is a Nurse and works the graveyard so she would not be home (she was really nice though). And since we are on the top floor and on the corner, that was pretty much all we needed to really worry about from a noise stand point! From what either of us has been able to tell, there appear to be no real “Debbie Downers” in the complex. But you never know!!!

The big attraction for us is the pool, we are a bit spoiled! A few of our friends rented a house, some are on campus still and a few others did a condo. So we get major points for skinny dipping potential!!! We had about 30 people over which ebbed and flowed as the night went on. This was our first ever chance to be hosts, so we made sure to hide all the breakables!! We debated putting down rubber sheets everywhere too! It is amazing how “old” you get when it is suddenly your place that could get trashed!!!!

Included in our esteemed guest list were my latest 2 friends. Matt & Ms. Super Cute and both made it over. I was really glad to see MSC, it meant she was not freaked out by my confession! Ashley was quite impressed with my crush.. I do have good taste! I was equally glad to see Matt show up as my little plan to “hook him up” was in place… more on that in a minute! All of our old “floor” buddies made it out as well. We had a wonderful collection of beverages.. Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sprite, Dr. Pepper.. you know, all age appropriate soft drinks!!!

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